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That Egg

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That Egg

Okay, so if you haven’t been there recently, there is the MOST AMAZING post on the Egger blog.

Yesterday was a LONG day… Like a bring me to tears several times day. So when I read this post it moved me…. AND, we all know that when shawna is touched, she tends to doodle :)

Hence, my newest set of “stapms”: #1 Woman.

Help yourself! Use them, do the egger challenge, and then SHOW ME what you do!!! :)

And here is my first page with these goodies and my little stab at the Egger Challenge

Credits: Dani Mogstad’s Metro Girl.  My own “#1 Woman” Stamps.  Overlay is by Michelle Coleman.
The Egger Quote is on their blog, “We women do NOT give ourselves enough credit. We have more strength to stand under pressure, to persevere in the face of hopelessness, to push through the hardest wall of opposition – all on our sheer will and determination. And the driving force behind most of that is our love and passion.”  My own Journaling is simply, “As a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a friend, I do great things.”  (it was all i could get out… but it was therepeutic to say the least.)

Okay everyone!  Start scrapping, this is such a great challenge!

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It’s Time to FLY!

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It’s Time to FLY!

Okay well! I’m HOME from a really fun, really refreshing and really freeing weekend. And now it is time to FLY.

One of the things I really know I need to work on is getting back into some good routines and habits for my house. If you haven’t seen FlyLady you should check her out. I am going to do her “Beginer Baby Steps” the idea is that I’ll add something to my routine a day at a time until things are a bit more undercontrol around here.

This is such a fun first step, and it is one of the reasons I love flylady so much! Basically, on day one you scrub and scour your sink until it shines… then it sort of serves as a mascot for your house. Every night you make sure the sink is clean (aka no dirty dishes in it!) then you wipe it down with a dish towl…The next morning you wake up the next morning to a pretty sink shine again…. I think as a perfectionist, for me it is really important to be able to obsess over something so that I feel inspired :) A little crazy, and a little bit perfect for me.

Anyways in addition to that, I’ve got a bit of Creative Team work to do, and a some work to do for a cabinet company I do some page designing work for. Also, i’m still short a few thank you cards and Wednesday is my deadline for that I think.

Oh!!! And on my little weekend excursions, my fabulous friends colored and cut my hair! :) It turned out so great, I absolutely LOVE it, and it was so funny because I bought a highlighting kit in the grocery store, and the only siscors we could find were some dull kitchen scissors (they didn’t work) and some tiny travel Crochet scissors -it was a total crack up, and this woman totally rocked it! I’ll be working on getting some more pics up soon but here is one for starters:

Okay happy week to you all! :) – Shawna

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Saw this on another blog and I thought it would be a great way to play a little catchup with everything that is going on around here.

The Good:

  • Tomorrow I am GOING AWAY with some friends to the beach! It is going to be moms only and a great chance to relax refresh and take a little break from everyday life as a momma!
  • I AM FEELING BETTER! *sigh* It has been a long long long SIX WEEKS of trying to recover from medication withdrawl, but hallelujah! It is done.
  • I have FOURTEEN thank you cards to make, for FOURTEEN amazing friends that have really been there for me through all of this. I am SO BLESSED with so many amazing people in my life. It is incredible.

The Bad:

  • Well, I’ve got a bit of catchup to do around here… and I have to admit, now that every thing is said and done I’m feeling a bit of guilt about all the stuff I’ve let drop. (Not to mention I have FOURTEEN thankyou cards to make – I’m half way there!)
  • I’ve been thinking (always a bad thing right?) and I can see pretty clearly at this point that it is time to grow up and take a little more responsibility in my life (and a little more credit too!). I’m 25, only 25, but I’m 25 – my life is my own, and I’ve built my family to what it is… time to stop using my age as an excuse, and grow up. I can do it, right?
  • I have too many friends that are going through really rough times, and it breaks my heart. Good people deserve good things, and all the happiness in the world… I wish I were capable of making it all better. The hardest part for me is that a cup of hot cocoa or a hand made card wont change things and I don’t know what to do.

The Ugly

  • Its all too clear to me that I’m a MESS! I’ve spent the past six weeks eating ALL the time and gaining weight – my clothes are all also just falling apart on me, and I know I need to start investing more in my own person – but man I’d so rather get a digi kit and a coffee than go try to buy myself new clothes and even consider spending money on a hair cut.

And here for a little eye candy is my latest Layout:

Credits: Jessica Bolton of Eclectic Scraps “Cool Jeans” mini kit. Nancie Rowe Janitz stamped alpha. Dani Mogstad Glass Alpha (used the blank one and Arial Font). Font is Black Jack.

Every, time you get out of the tub we do the same thing. First, you have me wrap you up in a towel, Then I have to carry you to your bed because you are “so cold!” then, you cuddle under your blankets and cozy into and cute little ball of clean. I love how you look so sweet so cozy and how it just brings me back to when you were a little baby wrapped up after a bath – Every time, I just want to eat you up!

Jessica Bolton is my FAVORITE! Gosh, everytime I use one of her kits I just feel like it is perfect for me. I dream of the day that she puts out a CT call! Seriously you have to check her kits out if you haven’t already at Eclectic Scraps.

Last but not least, if you’ve scraped with the sugar babes and haven’t gotten your free stapms let me know – I know my links were being funky. I’d be happy to resend. And ofcourse it’s never too late! Jump on in!

Okay everyone, have a great weekend!

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A few new pages:

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A few new pages:

My first page is one I’ve been thinking about lately, with not feeling well I’ve been really ashamed at what a poor mommy I’ve been. I know I’m not feeling well, and I’m trying and all that, but the guilt is still there pretty thick. This page is a mini form of “therapy” to try to get it out there.

Credits: you KNOW you want this kit, it is NEW coming out at DesignByDani on the 22nd. It is Called “Metro Girl” and I knew it was perfect for this page of mine as soon as I saw the preview. I also used a torn paper edge from Traci Murphy and a Gel Letter and Circle Text action from Atomic Cupcake. Font is my favorite VNI-Thufap and my own handwriting for journaling.

Even with my many mommy flaws lately, these boys have been SO good. I’ve loved watching all the games and fun they’ve been creating for themselves. I’ve been beyond amazed with these little sports, and I wish I could some how reward them for how great they’ve been for me while I’ve been pretty much useless. This was the other day when the were playing “art gallery” You should see the walls of my hallway now lined up with their priceless work.

Credits: Jen Wilson Paper and Elements (some messy frames and words I made myself). Font is Incognito Type.

Here is yet another thing for a mommy to be feeling proud of. My oldest son is developing a work ethic and learning how to WRITE. Here he is doing his little ritual of his “writing briefcase” homework. Man this little guy is growing up!

Credits: This is a fun Paper Pack I got at Scrap Artist by Lisa Cohen called “My Boy” Journaling Notebook paper, and Woven Alpha Tags, are from Dani Mogstad. Paper Clip Alpha is from Robin Carlston and Twill is from a double up kit with Robin Carlton and Christy Lyle called “Oh Noes”. Font is Kindergarden.

I hope you notice a little bit of a theme here. I’ve really been challenging myself to make pages with meaning and heart instead of only art. I want my pages to SHINE, but I also really want to get back the the heart of it all, remembering that this is about my family, and remembering my kid, myself, my husband and our family – and creating something of value to pass down. Here is to everything that our lives are made of, and cherishing, documenting, and remembering forever the little glories that are My Kids.

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New Team!!!

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New Team!!!

Okay so I am really excited about adding Kimberly Giarrusso to my list of Creative Teams’s. She is a new designer at TheDigiChick, and her stuff is just YUMMY! Here is officially my first page with a kit of Kimberly’s. This is kit is called “Bay Street” and it is really just so elegant, with lots of flowers, rich colors, and a warm feel.

Keep watching for more great stuff to come with Kimberly’s beauties!

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