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Six Years Old

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Six Years Old

THAT is how old my oldest baby is! Can you believe it??? WOW, I have to say i feel sort of proud to be here at this stage with a genuine KID – I’ve actually raised a child all the way from baby into “actual kid” age… no more preschooler, kindergardener… now he is “school aged” and that is saying a LOT.

This for me is the epitome of what it is like to have a six year old in the house:

Gareth wrote this story called “My Dad” today in the car! Okay don’t you just want to melt? On so many levels, 1 that i have a little one that can WRITE stories, and 2 that this is what he would write…. it is special.

So to celebrate this weekend, we had a StarWars birthday party for Gareth yesterday. We had six of his little buddies over (it just worked out to be six because a few couldn’t make it). The kids had such a great time, the first thing we did was dress up as Jedi’s, all the kids got a cape when they walked in the door, then they grabbed a “LightSaber” (pool noodle) and went into the back yard to battle some evil sith:

Then they came inside and hunted up some snacks that were inside the “Death Stars” (big foil balls) and we attatched them to strings so they had to follow the string and find their snacks.

Then we made “x-wing fighters” daddy’s GREAT design idea!

Then Star wars cupcakes with little starwars rings on top (THANK YOU freddies!!!)

After that presents, and LOTS of Star Wars goodies for this guy!

Now, if i would have been thinking clearly when i created my invites, i would have made this party from 3 to 5, like most SANE people do… BUT i was dumb and didn’t realize that 2 to 5 is THREE HOURS! So we ended up with pretty much a full hour to kill at the end!

THANK the Lord for video games! It was over 90 outside and too hot for any more Jedi play, so the two televisions set up with video game systems totally saved me!!!

In the end it was a fabulous time, and I ended the day with a very happy 6 year old! Oh and lots of parents with big eyes when we sent the kids out the door in a jedi cape, with a thier own light saber and a hand made x-wing fighter :) plus the coolest goodie bag ever with a starwars PEZ dispenser inside!

All I can say is THANK goodness for google and “Starwars Birthday Party Ideas” web search.

OY! I am ready to sleep for a week! BUT I have a HUGE week ahead of me! TONS of scrapping and doodling to do, A few Moms Club loose ends to tie up AND a really cool new “thing” in the works! You are just going to have to wait and see though!

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Okay, last night g and I had a “date night.” I just LOVE our date nights! We order takeout, get the kids down by 7 and we play board games and video games and watch movies…. It is our inventive little way of still having special time together without having to figure out HOW to get a sitter for three nutty little boys – and with out trying to figure out WHAT to do with our whole night out of our house ;)

Well we had a great time last night and I totally kicked his butt at Parcheesi! But the whole time we were playing I was totally obsessing over the patterns on the game board. They were so cool, and I just knew I had to create some “stapms”.

So as SOON as I had a chance, I sat right down and started these:

I am just totally thrilled with the results! Aren’t the really fun? Check them out HERE in the store for a closer look. Also, THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words yesterday! I am SO STINKIN EXCITED! Can’t wait to start my next paper set!!!

…First, though, I guess I must SLEEP!!!!

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Well, as I’m growing as a stapm designer I decided it was time for a few little changes…. Get ready for a HUGE post!

The first thing I did is move all my Stapm Downloads to the shop so that people downloading my stuff would see be there and check out my other designs. I also put the Arrows and the Polka flowers up for sale at a special low price of $1.50. So if you haven’t been to the shop to see my designs yet then head on over and pick up a few freebies and low priced stamps while you are at it!

I also have two REALLY exciting announcements that I’m just BURSTING at the seams to share….. so…. drum rolll…..

First: I decided to start a little Mini CT team for myself :) I have some REALLY awesome stapm lovers that have been supporting me from the get go and are totally incredible scrappers, so I decided to make it official and start a team so that my designs can get out and about :) SOOOO in addition to the fabulous ladies that create LO’s for NDISB I am THRILLED to announce my Five “Stapm Team” members.

Kristen Tilley

Tiffany Hix

Tracie Radke

Erin Black

Jen Caputo

You guys will LOVE seeing what these amazing gals do with my Stampies! I am beyond honored to have such a talented team :)

And…. as if that were enough announcements for one day…. I finally finished something very excited today! I want all of you to meet MY FIRST PAPER PACK!!!!

and here is a close up of the texture that I totally created on my own (yay me!)

And! As a celebration of my Launch into PAPER I want to give this little kit alway here at my blog for my readers. So for ONE DAY ONLY you can download “The Grass Is Always Greener” HERE. After that It will be up in the shop for a special introductory price of $1.50.

Keep watching for more paper goodies (and other stuff too I hope!)

Ahh, and one more little announcement My Newest Stapm set is up in the store, due to popular request I made some buggy stapms that I think are just SO much fun!

Each one of these bugs are saved as a colored stamp and a simple black stamp to give you as many options as you’d like :) you can go HERE to check them out!You’ll notice too, that I’m minus a few CT blinkies now :( I had to step down from Kimberly Giarusso’s team and I was forced into Stepping down from Dani’s team. I totally am going to MISS being part of the process with these increadible gals BUT you’d better BET i’ll still be playing with their INCREDIBLE goodies :) The extra time will be OH-SO good for me!Well! You think that is enough News for one day??? :) Thanks for stopping in! Looking forward to all the great things to come! NOW COMMENT like a good little downloader :)

Edited to add – THANK YOU everyone for the support!!!! I moved my the paper pack to the store HERE so if you missed it for free, don’t miss it while it’s on special of only $1.50!

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Kindergarden Grad!

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Kindergarden Grad!

Well, my little Mr. DID IT!!! :) Gareth finished his very first year of school and made it through to the end, I’m so excited for him, and completely shocked that we are already moving on from kindergarden!Because our school does half days for kindergarden, and it was early release for the last day, the kindergardeners only went in today from 9:50-10:50 (I know those are odd hours don’t you think???) BUT, Gareth really enjoyed his last day, and just for this short little occasion I sent my old digital camera of with him so that he could snap some memories for us to save.

He did a great job and was SO responsible bringing home the camera safe and sound!

Last day of waiting for the kindergarden bus:

This is “The boy who gave me stickers” :)

This is his buddy Carter and Him on the bus:

This is the ONE picture I was DYING to have, and he did such a good job of making sure to get his picture with his fabulous Teacher Mrs. Wilson.

Goodbye bus for the LAST time this year!

Time to party, SCHOOLS OUT!!!!

It is still just so hard to believe, but I am really looking forward to the summer off. Gareth and Owen are really going to enjoy more time together and I’m going to enjoy a little less rushing around and little more kicking back.

I also am nearing the end of my term as MOMS Club President, and I’m thrilled to be closing that chapter of responsibility for a while too… I’m ready to really hunker down and focus on my designing skills (i have a few things in the works folks!) I’m also going spend a whole lot LESS time worring about everyone and a lot MORE time at home and with my kids… not to mention focusing on my health and my own well being!

Usually I hate the summertime lull in activites, but this year I say YAY for Summer!!

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Okay I know i’ve been missing for forever! I’m sorry folks! I’ve actually been really making a concerted effort to clear my plate some, but even making more time for myself seems to be taking extra time… BUT I’m popping in for a second to do some major pimpin’ for some cool scrap stuff going on in the digi world, you don’t want to miss it!

FIRST shortly our newest e-zine at is coming out and in it is the coolest “cool-a-boration” ever!  You don’t want to miss it!!!  You must be a subsciriber to get the free download link so go over and get signed up now.  Its all free people!
HERE is the awesome kit that comes with it!

Also speaking of freebies! Paula Duncan is giving away the cutest FULL sized kit for free on her blog it is only up this week so DON’T miss it!!!

And the other cool news I have to share is from the SWEET SHOPPE:

Okay SOOO, I totally wish this could be ME lol, but I’m just not there as a designer yet… are YOU??? please APPLY so I can live vicariously through you all ;) Go HERE to find out more.

Okay and while I’m pimpin’ and everything Check out my Most recent addition the Store. These are totally one of my FAVORITES yet, aren’t they cute???

Okay I’ll share more with you all soon! I’m feeling the need to make something….

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