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SIGH!!!  Deep Breath!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!

LOL – seriously everyone, that is what I’m doing right now!

My store is officially OPEN and I’m feeling totally proud, and wiped out and, excited and nervous – and just about every other emotion out there!

But at least it is THERE and ready.  Be sure to check out my HOME page, and my TEAM pages, and then peruse the STORE.
NOW, check out YOUR FAVORITE PAIR!  This is Dani and my new site, and I am so trilled about it!  Dani has really been incredible working SO hard on this while I had my nose to the grind stone getting my little scraps ready to open.

At Your Favorite Pair Dani and I share a gallery and a chat, we’ll also do collaborations, and our first one is SOOOOOOO cool  LOOK at this thing!

you can pick it up in my store or in dani’s store!  AND we have a 20% off sale for this weekend only! ohhhh and go see the YUMMY pages our teams have put together with this kit!  they are soooo awesome!

I’m so excited about Dani and my joint venture!!!  we are both totally “jean’s gals” so how fun to have a little site based on that concept!

NOW speaking of sales this weekend (we were weren’t we???)  you can go to my store all weekend and save 40% off EVERYTHING!  I’m really excited to get some shoppers and to share my brand new, first full sized kit called “Techno Grunge”!!! check it out!

Okay, well i will have more to share with you soon, no doubt, but until then…. I’m going to take a few deep breaths!

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“Dora Stars Mess”

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“Dora Stars Mess”

Reece is making three word sentances…… oh good Lord….

This is what I walked into in the kitchen today… I guess that is what i get for leaving him alone with his cereal – but he did say “Dora Stars mess” which is exactly what this is … so atleast we know his vocabulary is increasing!

Actually my little Reece turned 2 this month – AHHHHH it is insane to think that he is so old already!  It seriously gives me baby pangs!!!  We just had a little family deal with him on his birthday because I wan’t feeling too well and he actually had a cold too.  But daddy and the boys went out and got presents and balloons and mcdonalds and cupcakes, and came home and suprized him :)  what more could a two year old want!

Here he is with his birthday suprizes (and would you believe those ballons are STILL floating around my house!)

So now everyone, wish us luck with this little nut job and the terrible twos!  Who knows WHAT could happen with this guy :)

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Blastin’ Off

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Blastin’ Off

I have an exicting opportunity to venture out on my own, but I don’t want to go with out first saying goodby to everyone I love so much here at PDW! So I’m hosting a 40% off EVERYTHING sale here at my shop at PDW. Today through Thursday only, then I must say goodbye….


BUT, take a peak at what I have in the works ;) Seeeeee what is coming???? Between that and my other thing that is keeping me busy I’m getting SOOOO excited – and I’m anxious to show you it all!!! Patience! :)

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-Mailing List- and other unmentionables….

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So I know I’ve been totally MIA lately!!! It’s been nuts I’ve had so much going on and things I’m really trying to get some stuff done…

One of those things is that I’d REALLY like to set up a mailing list for my customers, so if you are here and you would like to know what is going on with my designs then just comment here that you are interested and I’ll add your name to the list – I totally don’t want to spam people so I thought I would do it this way instead.

So what else has been keeping me busy…. ????

I CAN’T TELL YOU!!! lol but, here is teaser #1.

Want some more… well… maybe another day… hehehehe :) Just keep your eye peeled on little bloggy. Okay, back to work! ;)

(ETA – man!  sorry the link wasn’t working!  It’s better now :))

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I don’t really evey like fortune cookies, and usually I don’t really care what they say… but this one was good for me tonight!

Wish I were a bit more of a hero… but here’s a reminder to try harder…. more soon…

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