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OHHHHHHHH here it goes!!!!

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OHHHHHHHH here it goes!!!!

Are you ready????

Oh my goodness, I am soooooooo in excited!!!! I am UP at Sweet Shoppe Designs, as a DESIGNER!!!!!

WOW…. still can’t wrap my brain around it! so rather than over think it, I’ll just link it! ;) aren’t I whitty at 11 pm after a really long week! :)

So seriously, go check out my stuff at Sweet Shoppe, I’ve put up my kits from MyLittleScraps, and ALSO a brand spankin’ new one!


This is U-Cut, totally ready just intime for your trip to the Christmas Tree farm this year! :)

While you are there, you won’t want to miss the HUGE store wide sale (including everything from yours truely) AND don’t forget MyLittleScraps is on sale for black Friday too, so don’t miss 40% off of everything there!!!
Well, I’m up in like 5 hours at the crack of dawn for some serious black Friday shopping with G! So I should run!

Happy ThanksGiving everyone!


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Just ONE page to share!

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Just ONE page to share!

Well I know I’ve been quiet this past week… I’m sorry!!! The truth is, I haven’t really had anything to say yet, because I’ve been BUSY working on something very very very very very exciting!

I did want to share one page I’ve done, it’s for the digi dare blog again – I told myself I would participate all of november, and so far I actually HAVE… I’m really so happy too with the pages I’ve come up with. This one is a page I’ve been dying to do for a long time… about my “adorably delicious” g (hehehe bob, we love that!)

The challenge was to scrap the thing that you find to be comforting or calming, and I just had to scrap my guy for it. G is really the “rock” in my life… It is incredible to feel so completely safe and sane and well taken care of with the man you get to spend the rest of your life with… sigh…

Okay enough cutesy talk…


This is my Grey Day kit at MyLittleScraps. The note book paper is from Mr. Cool, and I used atomic cupcake’s distressed chipboard action (free and totally awesome! thanks ac!)

So, busy busy busy! EEEEK i have some really really SWEET and totally exciting news that I’ll be sharing with you on FRIDAY! But part of that news, is something rather sad…. I have to resign as a Designer at NDISB :( my last day there is officially the 30th of November, but starting this friday I’ll be hosting a HUGE week long 50% off sale on all of my product… It is going to be totally sad to go, I LOVE NDISB, the designers there and especially the wonderful owner, Theresa, have really made my time there incredible… I am sooooo going to stay around and post in the forums, hopefully hanging out as a non designer will give me more time to chit chat :)

Here is my ad for my sale at NDISB, it starts friday, but lasts a WEEK so you don’t have to miss it if tomorrow is super busy :)

also, don’t forget to stop by MLS on friday ;)

I also have it on good authority that the other half of YFP will be having a big sale too :) oh AND here’s another little tip – check out her blog TODAY for a cute cute cute goodies!

AND speaking of Your Favorite Pair! We are at it again! :) this time we are making a CALENDAR KIT! yay! So watch for it December 1st! I KNOW you won’t be disappointed! :)

Okay I’m a busy girl today, so I’ll be back soon to post my NEWS! :)

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More Dinner Time Amusements – and Pages too

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More Dinner Time Amusements – and Pages too

So tonight at dinner we were talking about a friend that just found out she is having a baby girl. So Owen (my little mr. baby crazy) said “Mom, can we have a girl baby??”

I started my usual routine of “Well Owen we will see – we have to wait and see when God gives us a baby – and we’ll have to see what kind of baby God wants to give us” (owen and I have had this discussion a few times)… but I didn’t get any further then “Well…” When Owen cut me off…

“How can I ask God for a girl baby” so gareth was explaining to him that he had to ask for what he wanted and say amen…

So Owen grabbed my hand and closed his eyes tight -

“Dear God, please give me a girl baby. Amen…”

From your mouth to God’s ear Owen ;)

Actually, I’m STILL waiting to hear from a specialist about if it is safe to try again after all the liver problems… but, seriously, this dr. is taking his sweet time. There is something about me, Dr’s hate calling me back! It’s been almost two months since my OB refered me, and I can’t believe I am still waiting! I am going to have to muster up my courage and call them AGAIN – yuck… I’m totally loosing my faith in medicine!

Okay now some pages that I’ve done these past few weeks and didn’t post here like I should have:


A lift of the amazing Amy Pearson’s “Seen the Future,” this is my boys at the pumpkin patch. This is from The New HUGE Collection: 365 by Robin Carlton and Christy Lyle – This is the October Kit, at sweetshoppedesigns. Fonts:: Bickley Script and Antique Type.


This is another with Collection 365, this is the April kit.


This is using July from Collection 365


And the last so far from the Collection, this is the March Kit.


This page about me and my wonderful hubby is a lift of Jennifer Woodbury’s “Grandpa & Me” that I did for Sweet Shoppe. Kit is Winter White by Robin Carlton and Christy Lyle at SweetShoppe. Font is Bickley Script. Extras: Robin Carlton Collage Date Tags and Button It, Unhinged hinge from Paula Duncan, RickRac by Me, and “&” is by Dani Mogstad.

This is a page I did for a post about therapeutic scrapping on the Sweet Shoppe Blog. This is the “Punky Girl” kit by Lauren Grier. Alpha is Michelle Coleman.


Another cathartic page, this was for the Digi Dares site and it was about your biggest fear. Lately my biggest fear is that I’ll just never be back to normal, never beable to have another baby… basically that I’ll always be sick… yuck. credits are all over the place: papers are jen wilson (her new freebie) clocks and frame are from robin carlton (krafty chick kit) alpha is from the digi chick and sweet shoppe “a common bond” kit. brown ribbon and bow are dani mogstad (chocolate garden kit) tan ribbon is from wings of change by robin carlton and suzy nunez.

Okay i’m sorry i overloaded you all like that! Next time i’ll post them as I finish them… well, I’ll try anyways! :)

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Grey Day

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Grey Day

Here’s a little preview of my new kit, it’s up in the store and on introductory sale until friday!

Actually, I totally had so much fun making this kit, it was one of those kits I made purely for my own gratification, I made this kit because I was having a bit of a grey day myself – and it is really awesome I think, to have something that feels so purely “mine.” I mean, of course I would love to see it sell like mad, but you know – I got what I needed out of it, I made a kit I loved using the colors from some of the greatest pictures in my collection… and then, I scrapped one of those pics with the kit itself!


Call me narcissistic, but WOW I love the full circle feeling of scrapping my own pictures with my own kits – and when I’m scrapping a picture that I actually MADE the kit for, well, WOW, it is just one of the most full circle feelings!

I hope that doesn’t seem prideful or what ever, it is just so fulfilling.

To boot, Everything on this page is in Grey Day (and tears are actions by the incredible Atomic Cupcake)

Okay so that is all for now! I’m supposed to be working on the NEWSLETTER…. it’ll be out soon! So sign up by registering in the store, and checking the “newsletter” box if you haven’t yet!

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When I grow up…

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Well tonight at the dinner table we were having one of our more popular conversations – what do you want to be when you grow up??? Well we asked Gareth first, and rather than going right away with his usually answer (a computer guy like daddy) gareth thought for a bit… hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, what DO i want to be???? first it was nothing…. but we convinced him he would have to support himself SOMEHOW…

then it came to him “Can I do marbles?”

we asked him “what do you mean marbles?”

“oh, you know, like where you flick marbles”

yeah… gareth chooses to be a professional marble flicker….

Now it’s Owens turn… he changed from his usual “worker man” choice to

“Bionicles” … yup that’s it – so owen wants to play bionicles… :)

At this point reece was giggling and gibbergabbering trying to get involved, so I asked him, very sweetly, “what about you reece, what do you want to be when you grow up???”

reece’s answer ‘NO GROW UP!!!”

Hehehehe – ummm – I don’t know why i was even expecting anything different! That stinker!! So now with the high aspirations of the professional marble flicking, the bionicle making, and of course, not growing up AT ALL – I may be at this mom thing longer than planned! ;)

(in other news, I do have a NEW KIT in the store, and I’m buzzing away on the newsletter, so keep your eye out for more about that!)

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