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Well Then!

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Well Then!

Goodness gracious! has it really honestly been more than 2 weeks since i posted last! I can’t even get over how the Christmas season hit me ALL OF THE SUDDEN and then sort of swallowed me alive!

When I posted last I was just starting to feel the panic over Christmas cards and gifts and crafts and everything else – and let me tell you it just got more intense until g swept me up one day and dragged me out to our closest Target and we really wiped out a TON of things on the to do list. As for the Christmas Cards this year they literally fought me at every turn, and a actually had to order them 3 separate times – in the end I finally went to my trusty Costco and ordered a set of their predesigned styles with a pic of the boys stuck in – if you are interested though, here is the version I had ordered that i never came and i had to end up giving up on:

Ofcourse this one I designed AFTER the family card that I did, that didn’t end up fitting in my original envelopes! Anyways – if i think about it too long my blood pressure will start to rise again, and considering that that is so incredibly far in the past, I’m totally going to leave it there!

I was SO lucky this year, because my parents offered to take the boys (for THREE NIGHTS at that!) and so I actually got a real solid chunk of time to clean my poor house :) man I should have taken pictures because this place was seriously SHINING I think I spent about 3 hours on my shower in my bathroom, and maybe it was all the chemicals, but it seriously felt good to scrub that puppy! :) Honestly though, I hadn’t focused on my house in such a serious way since before I was sick, like LAST YEAR, so it felt really very therapeutic to sort of scrub away the old, and make a fresh start of my life now that I am really feeling better, what a relief to see all that muck rinsed away, all that depression and shakiness, and the fear of unknown health problems behind me… I’m looking forward to a 2007 with a fresh slate in my shower stall and in my heart too, I feel very hopeful of what is to come and that is a gift.

Now somewhere in the middle of the three day cleaning fest (yes three days literally of cleaning) my sister took me to get my haircut for Christmas! And I’m LOVING it! You should see me, I’m such a babe with an actual hairstyle ;) Really though, maybe not a total babe, but I do look so much more put together AND to my suprize, I can actually do my hair on my own – which is good, because I wasn’t really able to form a plan that involved bringing my sister over EVERYDAY to do my hair for me :).

Okay I just went looking for a picture of my cute new “do” in all my christmas pictures, and this is as close as we can get to a pic of the actual haircut, but it totally works for me, because it is a picture of myself that I actually like, so hey, if I can find an excuse to get it on my blog than why not run with it? :)

Thank you Liz! I love the hair cut, and I feel so good about myself with my hair all done :) its a far cry from the lincon log hair do I know, and I’m loving it!

Okay so after haircut day and three day long cleaning session, I couldn’t believe it, but it was ALREADY time for – are you ready – MY DEAR ONLINE FRIEND JILL TO COME VISIT ME! :) Yes, believe it or not, just three days before Christmas, my fabulously fun CT member Jill hopped on an airplane and came out to visit me! G and I got tickets to go to the Shiny Toy Guns concert, and when Jill said she wanted to go too, we bought her a ticket and forced her to come out here! :) It was really such a treat to get to know one of my e-friends in person, and we really had a fabulous time all together!

On Friday Jilly and I went to get manicures and pedicures, and would you believe that I’ve never done that before? I’ve gotten my nails done once before for a wedding, and I hated it, i got like actual acrylics and they HURT and I’ve gotten one pedicure before at a spa, and it was nice, but really this was nicer, getting the full treatment was really incredible, and I didn’t get any big clunky nails but instead pretty french manicures and that was perfect, you should have seen jill and I with all ten of our perfectly manicured french fingers :) it was a sight to see! Plus our toes were this great shiny red that Jilly had and we even got snowflakes she got two, and I just got one on my left toe, which pretty much gave the nail gal a heart attack but seriously two matching snowflakes SO doesn’t seem right to me :) I STILL can’t believe Jilly didn’t get out the camera more, I’m seeing visions of french manicure pictures – but nope, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

No surprise that the concert was totally incredible!!!! I am in love with this group and having my fellow fan Jilly there just made it all the more fabulous! Shiny toy guns isn’t totally HUGE yet, but I know they will be – I’m so excited that I got to see them when! You should have seen the energy in that room, and wow, if i could dance like that lead singer I would be a super star too, she is off the charts!

Okay so Saturday after the concert it was time for Jilly to go :( I almost held her hostage, but I then I remembered she had a husband and a son of her own, and keeping her tied up in my closet suddenly just didn’t seem fair :)

Saturday afternoon after Jilly was safely on her way back to IL, I had to get myself out to the mall and finish up some serious shopping – don’t ask me what I was thinking waiting until the day before Christmas eve to finish a bit of my shopping, but it is what I did and it was crazy, it took me more than 30 mins to get into the mall and parked (ugg!) and then ofcourse being overtired and relatively aimless seeing that I am Shawna didn’t help! but all in all in the end, I made it, and got (almost) everything on the list, and definitely enough that we were good to go! G and I started the big wrapping fest that night, and then finished up everything on Christmas Eve night.

OH MY WORD, is this the longest post ever or what? and I still don’t have anything written about Christmas itself! I told you I’ve been busy! :)

Okay, so Christmas eve, traditionally my immediate family gets together for a Christmas Eve party at my house, my sister and her husband, and my parents came over this year and we had a nice quiet relaxing time of munching yummies and exchanging gifts. It was a really nice time, and my parents really spoiled us big time.

Here is a picture of my dad wrestling with the boys:

Okay so every year after we finish the Christmas eve party in the afternoon, the boys open their one Christmas eve present from mom (and Gareth always says “I know, it’s Jammies” in the most unenthusiastic of voices) and then they get thier picture taken all in a row in front of the Christmas tree I can’t wait to see the pictures all lined up once they are grown and I get to see how much they have changed!

So here they are this year – the first year I haven’t gotten them footsie pjs because they are just all getting so big!


and here they are as their cute selves last year :)

Christmas 104 copy.jpg

there are some things as a mom, that I’ll never be able to put into words (imagine that, as I’m wrapping up a 14,000 word long post) but wow, seeing these three boys, MY boys, all in a row… it is totally beyond priceless! It is wonderful to watch them grow.

So after jammy time, and mommy cuddle time:

G reads the Christmas story to the boys:

I’m really proud of us this year too, after all the little ones were dreaming of sugar plums, we got everything ready to go really quickly and were ready to relax by a little after 10 – of course, Gareth woke up and found Santa’s Handiwork at 1 am, so our rest was still pretty short lived – and gareth was up again at 2 and 3 and 4 and EVERY HOUR after until it was finally after 6 and we all agreed to get up!

It was such a fun year this year, all the boys knew that Santa was coming and were REALLY excited about presents in the morning, Reecey we had to wake up, but all it took was the words “open presents” to send him RUNNING out to the Christmas tree!

I got some great pictures that morning too – here are just a few of the unwrapping Christmas morning excitement:

Reecey was so cute – he had told Santa he wanted a “bike” and I’m pretty sure that he knew one was coming because he would bring it up every once in a while, as soon as he came out to the tree he climbed right on to it and stuck that buckle on his head, he was definitely ready to roll:

He was REALLY ready to “open presents” because he had been eyeing the ones under the tree for quite some time, and even was guilty of trying to get one open with a tinkertoy stick at Grandma and Grandpas house – so as soon as we gave him the green light he was ready to tear into them!

Owen was really the sweetest – aside from ripping one open as SOON as he got up (and gareth told him it was his name on there) he was totally patient for his turn, and he was SO sweet exclaiming “TOTALLY – this is what I always wanted” with every gift!

This Dr. set was sort of a last minute idea on Santa’s part, and definately a great one, he has been taking care of his sick stuffed animals since then and I love to watch his imagination at work!

Gareth was also so so so excited, this being his first year as a reader, he was more than willing to read the tags on every gift and dole them out! Here he is examining a huge pack of transformers he got:

and here he is with the beloved “hoodie” that he had been hinting at with me ALL month long – it was one of the last minute Saturday purchases, and I’ll tell you what I wasn’t disappointed with his reaction :)

All in all it was the greatest Christmas morning yet (every year just tops the last I swear!) We all had a blast and were totally spoiled! G got me some great wine stuff (yay for wine!) beautiful glasses a wonderful wine rack for my counter, and a few other goodies, and I got him some dvd’s and a totally fun video game that we have already played a ton!

That night we went to my parent’s and they spoiled the kids, Reece got his own, super noisy super fun rough and tumble remote control car, and Owen got a big wooden tool bench! Gareth got his own video camera and has been following us around incessantly since then telling us action and trying to capture every second of our lives – i think i see reality television producer in his future!

as IF that isn’t enough, the next day, G and I went out and spoiled ourselves (thanks to my parents) with our very own CELL PHONES! :) you should see us, we have a pink razor and a grey razor, and we can call each other ANY time we want too, as if we aren’t already attached enough, now we can actually call each other from opposite ends of the house (and don’t put it past us :) him and Owen actually called me to say “goodnight” before nap time today) AHHH, life is good!

SO – seriously I need some hot pink cell phone phone calls so if you don’t have my number you’d better get it (no I’m not dumb enough to post it on my blog – 1-999-call-wifey ;) just kidding – don’t call that people!!!)

So, now after all the amazing holiday fun, this Wednesday the boys and I all got sick – yucky pukey sick, it was AWFUL! See, even another excuse for why it’s taken me so long to post! But the good news is it must have been like a 24 hour thing, because now aside from a lingering cough we are all really feeling a TON better!!

WHEW, well – believe it or not, i typed this entire nutty post in one sitting (I mean minus the bazillion of times I got up to take care of this or that for the little men) I’m so grateful for such a wonderful holiday season, and we already have a 3 day weekend again with new years, so I really am feeling extra spoiled! The thing is, it is time to get back into normal life again and really focus on business, I need to get some new exciting stuff up for January – I want to also throw together an end of the year last minute sale at the store – plus I’ve got some scrapping to do for sweet shoppe!!! Not to mention that I’ve really got to get my act together over there and get some more stuff out!!! SO- wish me luck!

AND – MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! You have all made 2006 really an incredible year for me, and despite the struggles and the health troubles, I can’t believe what a full rich wonderful year I’ve had! Thank you all, friends, family, customers, e friends, and all my little secret blog readers too – you have made this year super special for me!

ElegantDatePreview.jpgOh, and, since you made it this far (goodness KNOWS that is an accomplishment considering HOW LONG this stinkin’ post is!) here is a little celebratory date stamp set that is going to be outdated soon!!! Happy 2006 everyone, it’s been a great year!

I’ll leave these up till like the 2nd or something and you can download them HERE.

All my love to you ~ Shawna

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3 Reasons

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3 Reasons

okay, and for a little bit of humor, as a break from holiday chaos – here are 3 reasons why I suggest NOT leaving the peanut butter and jelly and/or ketchup out on the counter…


These are from a few weeks ago, and I kept meaning to post them…. but now that the crazy holidays are here, and things are getting a bit hectic, I’m sorta glad I saved them for a little laugh.

And now back to your regularly scheduled holiday chaos!

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I’m a Believer!

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I’m a Believer!

Yep, a Silver Shadow Believer!!!

The amazing DigiScrapping race is coming in January, and it is TIME to sign up!  Although, Jill and I are already going to win, so really, you know, it would just be signing up for fun.

Tonight I totally wasted enjoyed spending a BUNCH of time playing with our new blog you gotta see it!!!  Oh, and if YOU believe feel free to snag this blinkie and cheer us on!

Now watch out!  Here we come!

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Because I’m Crazy In the Head…

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Because I’m Crazy In the Head…

Last night I was going to take a break from all the craziness, all the nutty kit making and promoting and general “business” type stuff – and i thought I ought to just work on our Christmas card instead…. well I opened up the before mentioned photo, and started browsing around, thinking about what I aught to do… and I just couldn’t seem to be satisfied… there were so many great kits, but none of them really felt like “me”… well DUH that is because I hadn’t MADE mine yet!

SO – what do you know, I started my own instead ;)

In the end I’m SOOOO happy I did, the colors are just perfect, and it turned out to be quite the cute little mini kit if I might say so myself! I ALSO timed it just right to sneak it in to the Sweet Shoppe Saturday releases! So you can get it for 20% off for the next 24 hours if you are interested :)

Oh, and, Dani and I also decided to extend the sale on our big collaboration! SO you still have the chance to get the whole kitchen caboodle for only $30 it is GINORMOUS so that is a tremendous deal!

You can pick it up HERE in the store!

Okay, it is time for bed for me! I have an “angel breakfast” with Owen for Christmas at my parents church, and then i think tomorrow is TREE DAY for us!!!

weeee – it’s beginning to start to really feel like Christmas around here!!!

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And, She’s a Super Star!

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I know I’ve been told I am not allowed to talk about myself in third person!  BUT I did it and FINISHED THAT NEWSLETTER!!

If you’re subscribed you’ll get it in your inbox, and the public version is up on my newsletters page so you can go check it out there! :)

Seriously now, if you haven’t read the big giant post under this one, you’d better keep reading and leave me some love!  I took WAY too much time on that puppy!!! :)

Have a good night everyone!

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