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It got quiet in here again~

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It got quiet in here again~

Sorry! I seem to be soooo sporadic at posting – but hey that is how it goes around here! The bad news is, man we have been SICK – g got hit with a massive flu and missed several days of work last week, not to mention spent a good bit of time puking. But the good news is, the rest of the boys and i seem to have gotten by with out the worst of it. I have a head cold of some sort, and i did have a few tummy rumblies, but no puking, and the boys too seem to have squeaked by with just a cold too – hallelujah for no puking children!Some really exciting kits have been underway though while I’ve been hiding out – Lauren Grier and I went all out making a HUGE collection that I know you are going to just LOVE!

It is called Extreme! and it is filled to the brim with cool masculine colors and elements and a fun extreme sports theme – that is definitely worth checking out!

And! if you love the Extreme! Collection, you’ll love this set of quick pages which are your FREE gift with purchase!


Simply add this item along with the collection to your cart so your order total is $24 and enter coupon code eXpromo07 in the coupon code box at checkout for your free gift! This is a limited time offer which expires 3/3/07, so don’t miss out on this super sweet treat!

Here is the Extreme! Collection at SSD, and Here are the quick pages. If you prefer you can pick up individual kits for 5.00 apiece, and you don’t want to miss the super cool coordinating Alpha:

I really really can’t wait to show you all the incredible pages my team has done with this kit! (YOU GIRLS ROCK!) but since I’ve got a ton more to say, you’ll have to wait to see them all in the newsletter :)… until then if you want some extra inspiration then check out my sweet shoppe gallery HERE.

So after that huge hunk of a collection released at SSD is when the flu bug came on, so I spent most of last week in mega kit creating/sick family recovery mode… until Thursday, when Lauren and I decided on the fly that we wanted to create something girly and flowery, and in a mad sleepless dash we whipped out “Inverted Doodlie Love” (now you remember how I said sleepless right??? :) hence the crazy name! But I am SOOOO excited about the kit, it is just really pretty and funky and fun – very much how lauren and I do girlie :) so it is perfect!

How cute is that? I’m telling you I’m just LOVING it!! If you like it, you can totally pick it up at SSD here. And because I’m so in love with it, I stole a picture right away from my friend Casey so that I could play -


Isn’t little Kaylen here a DOLL? Everything here is from the doodlie kit, aside from the alpha stamps, they are by Michelle Coleman :)

So, if a collection, and a kit, and a big bout of sickies isn’t enough, g and I also did something AMAZING! Ever since we moved reece into his own room, we’ve had an “office” set up in our room that consisted of the big l shaped desk crammed into the corner and book shelves and papers and junk piled high… We’ll i’ve REALLY been missing my desk… and we’ve needed to make more sense of it all, but fitting a bed and two desks and a zillion books and clothes and office stuff all in one room seemed totally impossible…. G kept telling me we could do it, and I kept just looking at the clutter and the mess and totally giving up….


Well finally I had had enough of being frustrated with the space, and … I was determined to figure it out and so I got out some paper and and a measuring tape and a ruler and made a little tiny scaled model of our room, then I arranged stuff until it would all actually fit…


As soon as I had it all worked out on my cute little paper i was just DYING to get it started… my sweet hubby worked so hard to help me and we actually DID IT!


Seeing it all done was incredible… not only did we fit ALL of our books (and we are sort of book-a-holics so we have a TON but there is still a bit more room for me to bring in some of my very much missed CRAFTS!!!! It made a huge difference just moving our dresser into our closet, and making a bed space and an office space
I still need to add some goodies to my own desk space, and we need to do a few extras to really make it pretty – (pictures/curtains/etc) -plus saving up for an actual shelf to put next to my desk instead of the wire crate thingy… but all in all we actually DID it, we have a full office and a full bedroom all in one room :)

Well – it is actually ALREADY nearing the end of the month again, that means it is time to focus on MyLittleScraps some, I’m off to go browse my gallery for a new guest team member and then I have to think about creating kits, and newsletters and all that fun stuff!

I’ll be back sooner next time!

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Now that I’m Awake…Some Valentines Day Love

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Now that I’m Awake…Some Valentines Day Love

I’m Awake… I’m Awake…

Sorry I’ve been such a mia loser lately! I seriously did think I might be pregnant already (mostly because I’m totally neurotic) – but no such luck this month – seems like it was just an exceptionally tiring bout of pms – on a good note though – I’m finally up like full days at a time, so that is good :)

Now that I’m not asleep, I’m trying to make up for lost time, and working extra hard on a fun project with Lauren Grier over at SSD- I’ve also been trying to get really consistent in general, about keeping the house manageable and to boot I REALLY REALLY want to release at least one new thing weekly on Sweet Shoppe Saturdays – my goal is, to be consistent enough that I think I can afford to PAY someone else to come in and scrub the toilets and the floors and stuff, since goodness knows I’d rather be creating than scrubbing!

Well today is Valentines day, and I’m really excited, g and I have a decided officially to stop trying to go out of Valentines day because I swear every year our plans get ruined because of the kids being sick, or the sitter being unavailable, so for the past few years, we’ve just been home bodies, we get curbside and eat a yummy dinner at home – I’m really looking forward to our “date”.

Also, Gareth and I had a TON of fun designing/making his valentines this year! We found this idea online to make pencil toppers with a pipe cleaner and a foam heart, so we sort of modified ours just a bit and together we designed some valentines in Photoshop (he was adorable helping me pick stuff out from dani’s Crazy love kit and a paper heart I made – he insisted we throw my heart in there – “since you’re famous mom” he said :))

Here are our marvelous creations!


Note they all say “you’re cool” well after lots of discussion Gareth decided that was a safe thing to say, as to not give any girls the wrong idea… Seriously, already thinking of their feelings, so very thoughtful!

Okay so, I am trying to finish this post up so I can get back to what I really should be doing, but first, a few little treats:
If you go to MY STORE you can pick up my All You Need Is Love brushes totally for free today only ;).

ALSO, because I love my bloggy readers so much, and because last week I was so tired that I couldn’t finish anything I started, here is a set of grungy solids and 1 fun patterned paper that was going to be the beginning of a valentines kit – but of course, valentines kits don’t get made in ones sleep – so my utter laziness is your gain -


I’ll probably just keep this up like today and tomorrow, so spread the word if you’d like, and you can download it HERE, the grunge is a bit intense on the solids, but that is how I personally love it, so you’ll have to let me know what you think.

Oh, and while I’m blogging, don’t miss my newest doodles up at SSD:

I made them as brushes and stamps, and also as grungy paper doodles, so you can take your pick they are over in the Shoppe at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Okay well that is all for me – i need to get busy on mom stuff and designing stuff – plus, i absolutely have to take a shower! :)

Have a really really awesome valentines day everyone!

(PSST – leave me some love!)

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I would have posted sooner….

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…but I’ve been sleeping…

literally – I’ve been SOOOOOO tired this past week, I can’t stop sleeping…. I was wondering what in the word was wrong with me – but this particular IM conversation with G was rather enlightening:

12:58 PM
me: reece just filled the fish bowl with dirt
and blocks
1:12 PM

me: poor bob – he puts up with so much
amazingly he is okay

George: phew, what a fish

me: but you could barely see through the water there was so much dirt in there
and there was all sorts of stuff
including a walkie talkie

George: he just put it in there from that potted plant?

me: the dirt yes
but he also put blocks
1:13 PM marbles
safety pins

George: wow

me: the pieces of that sculptie sculpture of gareth’s
it was a mess
poor bob was in a panic, couldn’t move

George: poor guy
1:14 PM was owen just watching him do it?

me: yeah owen came in here in the room, and i heard a tinking
sound so i asked him what reece was doing,
and he said “oh, putting dirt in the fish bowl”
just like that

me: they also got into the desitin and into all the creams in reeces room earlieri cleaned that up

1:16 PM George: holy cow, they’re all over the place today

me: then got them occupied in an adventure that turned into them heading out the front door “to the bus”
then i stopped that
which was followed by reece dumping things in the toilet…
gosh – i wonder why i’m so tired

Really though- I have been way more tired than normal, could be coming down with something or something… but uh – I guess I might have the right to feel worn out every once in a while :)

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And!!! The Winners ARE!!!!

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THANK YOU so much to everyone who left me love over the weekend – :) I swear I should give stuff away all the time, it makes me feel so special to get all those comments ;)!

So what I did is I went through my last three posts: a very bloggy sale, very bloggy year of freebies, and a very bloggy comment contest, and on g‘s advice i went to the comments page and then just closed my eyes and scrolled around like a mad woman, then i stopped, and i opened my eyes and who ever the cursor was pointing to was the winner :)

and here are the three lucky ladies :)

And the winners are:

From the “A Very Bloggy Sale” Post: Demitria

from “A Very Bloggy Year of Freebies”: Karon

from “A Very Bloggy Comment Contest”: Christina

I want to thank everyone AGAIN for all of your kind comments, I think I’ll leave the links up for a while still, because, well, when these are gone, they may never get any time to shine again – and I just don’t think they are ready to say goodbye! :)

Thank you ALL for partying it up with me on my bloggy birthday!!!

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A Very Bloggy Comment Contest

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Welcome to my Little Bloggy Birthday party :) Be Sure to scroll down because I have freebies and a sale set up so you don’t want to miss those – Also, be sure to comment while you are here because I’ll be randomly picking from my all the comments on each of my “very bloggy” posts to give a $5 gift card to. I’ll ALSO be changing up my header at SOME point during the day, and the first person to catch the change and send me an email (by clicking contact up in the links up top) to tell me if they like it will get a gift card to my little scraps also!

Enjoy the party :)

Edited to add – Congrats to Jami who caught my header change before I could even blink!!! You should have a GC in your inbox now!

I love my new header myself, I’ve been wanting to use these pictures for it, but I have to say, I miss my baby kissing picture already! I guess it means I need to have that new baby SOON!

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