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Happy Lappy

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Happy Lappy

Well, lappy got a little present!!!!  (or more like a GINORMOUS present)  I have been saving and saving and SAVING so that I could get the Photoshop Creative Suite, and it has been quite the wait.  I was actually going to wait for the next edition CS3 to come out… but when i got the preorder announcement today I saw that it is actually cheaper to just get CS2 and then upgrade… SO ofcourse when I saw that I had to have creative suite NOW!

Sweet hubby that I have drove me around to 4 stores until we finally found it at one like 30 miles south of us!  (apparently most stores don’t have people lining up out the door to drop a grand on a box of software!)

BUT – look at how happy it makes me!!!

Oh, CS how I longed for thee:

I think we need a moment to ourselves – you don’t mind do you ;)

hehehe – what a great day!

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and once again, all is right in the world…

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and once again, all is right in the world…

Well as soon as I told g my vase was broken, he went on ebay and bought me a new one -  he even found a crafter herself that was selling her pottery – which is what i loved about my last vase that we got when we were on a trip to new mexico.


I didn’t know if a new one would really make up for losing  the old one, but when i saw my shelf back up and the pretty vase sitting there, I realized that it does… all is right in the world again :)

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It’s The Simple Things….

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It’s The Simple Things….

Well my newest Sugar Free Challenge is UP at SSD and I think it is a really great one, if I might say so myself!
Here is my page:

Everything here is from my newest kit “Capricious

I decided it would be a fun idea to do a different twist on “The simple things in life” and talk about the simple things that really get you down.

Yesterday I had the perfect photo opp for this too when Reecey pulled my shelf off the wall in the living room and knocked everything down to the ground (“climb up ceiling” was his explanation for me later in the day). Fortunately, most of the vases survived the fall, but unfortunately, my favorite one broke :(

One small simple little thing, but MAN it really upsets me when the kids break my things, it feels like nothing is sacred anymore… Any ways perfect jumping off point for a challenge, so you all have to come play with me now! Go check it out and then tell me what little things really bum you out!

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Quite Capricious

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Quite Capricious

Google Defines “Capricious” as:

  • changeable; “a capricious summer breeze”; “freakish weather”
  • determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason; “a capricious refusal”; “authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious”; “the victim of whimsical persecutions”
  • What better name then for my most recent kit, I started it with great intentions to just whip it out, and ofcourse three weeks later I was still changing my mind on things, trying random papers and elements – and just not sticking to my original plan…
    SO when started thesaurusing “unconsistent, and unplanned” capricious just jumped out at me for the name for my new kit – I’m thinking maybe I should just change MY name to capricious and be done with it because it seems so fitting right now :)

    So here is my ever so Capricious Kit:

    It is at Sweet Shoppe Designs right now, and I’ll be putting it and a few other things up at MyLittleScraps on the April First along with some other doodles and goodies.

    I also added some fun new doodles to SSD:

    These are my Spunky Spring Doodles, and I also made these purely on a whim :) hehehe, I think I see a pattern here!

    If you are in a mood for a Capricious Kit and Some Spunky Spring Doodles you can get them at SSD today and use them to help you get this AWESOME spend 10 dollars Promo, and get this really really funky and fun collaboration for free:

    One of the best collabs ever if you ask me, it is just jam packed with energy and fun! You don’t want to miss it and tomorrow is your last day to pick it up before it gets packed away!

    Here is the page I did with it this weekend everything is in Wish and Wonder:


    So an update on the home front, not pregnant yet (trust me, if I were I would be shouting it from the rooftops) and the house is actually still in great condition, I haven’t kept to my super crazy schedule completely, but I have been doing so much better about remembering to do the things I need to do each day. Last week, G was even gone for a week (He was at his MVP summit for Microsoft, being the important geek that he is), and I did really well around here – It was good to see for myself that even if my mood isn’t the best or even if things are a bit off kilter around here, that I can still do well and keep up with my life. Sounds like a small feat, but for me, just seeing that I CAN make it through a hard day is huge.

    As for stewart, apparently he left a little brother behind, because we have found another little white mousie in the garage, I actually convinced g to buy a no kill trap because the trigger ones are just not snapping, maybe because little tiny mousie is so small??? I don’t know, but if we can catch the little guys with out killing them I’ll feel better… So I guess we will see – it has been an excuse to organize and clean up the garage some, and that is HUGE, it feels good to get all that mess sorted out.

    Okay so that is all, This week Lauren and I are at it again and I hope to have another super cool kit to show you by the end of the week :) (just wait too, because this one is going to ROCK) really that is about all for now -

    Here is one more page for you that I did last week, I LOVE this kit from Jessica Bolton, I was soooo excited to have a chance to pick it up and play


    Everything here is from Jessica’s Delight in Photographs 2, and the tag is also hers from another kit. The stamped alpha is mine from Lauren and My Extreme Alphas.

    Well, it is lunch time, then “together time” and I am going to get back to work. Tomorrow I host another Sugar Free Challenge at SSD, so I’ll be back to try to convince you all to play :)

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    Stuart Goes on his Next Adventure

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    Stuart Goes on his Next Adventure

    Well, My hero came home to rescue me from the the tiny little white mouse in the washer. And although little “Stuart” (as I think of him fondly now that he isn’t in the washing machine anymore) wasn’t super excited about being caught he actually didn’t seem super freaked out by g, and he was perfectly relaxed once he was in his little sandwich container. I told g before he came home that i wanted to free the little guy because he deserved not to die for being so good in the washing machine all day – and once g got him in the container we really got the impression the poor guy was not a wild mouse at all but instead a domesticated one. Poor guy was more freaked out about being released then he was about getting caught, and g said instead of scampering away like a wild mouse would he seemed completely confused that we had put him out in a field.


    I have a feeling the poor little guy didn’t last long out there – g said because he was bright white that the mousey was really easy to spot from far away, and we both have a feeling he is snake food by now… may he rest in peace…

    We have some traps g is setting right now – but I’m really hoping that this is just some random little escaped pet or snake feed that happened apon one hospitable and clean washing machine….

    Until then I’ll be keeping the lid to the washer closed, and hoping not to see anymore odd scampering in the garage.

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