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Ohhhhh Reecey!

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Ohhhhh Reecey!

castle-001.jpgSo this morning when I went to get Reece up in his room, I discovered that we must have left an Oriental Trading Co. catalog in his room last night. Because this is what I saw all over the floor, piles of torn up paper.

It is just a catalog, really no skin off my back, but seriously, i wonder, what makes this kid tick? why is he so destructive! it is a bit of a worry to me sometimes.

So, now that reece is getting to be quite the little talker I try to talk to him about stuff like this – maybe he’ll see the light…
me: Reecey what did you do?

r: I broke it

me (seriously): You tore the book, now we have to throw it away.

r (very serious and matter of fact about it all): ohhh, yes, it trash. I broke it. my room messy! Have to clean it up mom!
so at this point, I’m thinking, same old same old pointless mess….. but then it occurs to me, why not try to figure out WHY he ripped it up… I’m thinking really this is a crap shoot, it isn’t like he is going to tell me his motive behind the destruction but, maybe I can understand what makes him tick…

me (very sincerely): reecey WHY did you rip it up? why did you make a mess?

reece (even more sincerely – and a little desperately): MOMMY!! I HAVE TO BUILD MY CASTLE!

sigh… what do you say to that! Atleast he didn’t do it for pure reasons of creating chaos…. :)

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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Well it’s missing a boy! (and a g :)) but we just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy easter!

This year my oldest Gareth went on a special vacation to visit his cousin with my parents all the way in IL, so the easter bunny was down a kid! I’m really missing having him around – g and I decided it just feels wrong only having two kids out and about with us – too easy I say, and -practically a joke g says!

Anyways, gareth gets home tomorrow, and I’m really ready to hug my oldest!

I’ll check in more soon – who knows, maybe I’ll even finish a PAGE (goodness it has been TOO long!)

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