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Zofran is my Friend

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Zofran is my Friend

zofran.jpgOkay so here I am, at 15 and a half weeks and as I’ve mentioned I’ve been SO SO sick – the weeks were chugging along and I just kept getting sicker I swear.  It was no fun at all, and being sick all the time meant eating was so frusteratingly hard, and so I was not eating much, which also means having zero energy.  I did have an anti-nausea pill that the dr. had prescribed, but it made me SO tired that I could only take it before bed time, because there is no way I could be home with the boys that drugged up.

So I called the dr. shortly after finishing my last post (mostly because g and lauren were putting the pressure on, I hate calling the doctors office, it is such a pain!).  But when the nurse heard how sick I’ve been, and that I’m still not putting on any weight at 15 weeks, she really wanted me to start a new medication so that I would start eating more.

Anyways long story short, the Dr. called in a prescription for Zofran for me, and when I took my first pill I could NOT believe the difference, I actually could sit down and eat with out feeling like every bite might make me puke, or paying later with by fighting major waves of nausea.  Anyways a day later and I’m just reveling in the fact that I don’t feel like I want to hide away in bed anymore or avoid food at all cost.

So little tiny baby in there, be grateful for Zofran and be sooo grateful for daddy’s job and INSURANCE, because rumor has it, these puppies are like 40 dollars a pill!

Happy sigh… Now I am going to try to do some actual work, and go switch the wash, because I actually feel up to it for the first time in a long time.

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Company :)

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Company :)

Okay so here I am back (maybe a bit late, but it is still before 10 am so that basically counts as yesterday right??)So like I said in my last post, Lauren Grier and her son Connor came out to stay for a few weeks this month.  We had a great time, and although I was feeling sick and pathetic, I still managed to get them out and about and show them some of the pretty things nearby.  And then on the other days, the boys played and played and played together, they really did great together.  Owen is 4 and a half, Reece turned three in August, and Connor is like almost right in between the two turning four in a few months.  So it was the perfect match.

It was nearly impossible though to get a picture of all the kids together – four squirmy little boys with better things to do do not like to pose for the camera that is for sure!  Here is the one picture I did manage to get of them all at once (and only with the promise of Popsicles)

When I asked Connor what his favorite part of the visit was he said “fishing in the river” so Connor this one is for you – this is at the river behind my parents house:

Here is one I snuck of Lauren and Connor watching the river:

On another day we went to Multnomah Falls, although the kids weren’t feeling especially photogenic that day… Here is one picture I did manage to snap of Reece watching the falls:

We also took Connor and Lauren to the zoo, here are a few pictures I managed to get of them there:

And on Lauren’s last day here we took a day trip to the coast.  It was a perfect Oregon Coast day, nice and cloudy and fresh, and the boys couldn’t have possibly had more fun playing in the sand or running from the waves.

And Lauren and I posing for a picture at the beach with the zoom accidentally on :)  Still, we can’t help but be total cuties!

We had a great time together and although things are notably more calm around here (funny because my kids are the wild ones but there is something about that extra element of another child, no matter how calm, to really stir things up), we all miss the other part of our family – because I swear it really did feel that way!

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and she’s back!

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and she’s back!

Okay I have been missing the last little bit – I know, I know BUT not with out good reason!  On top of being so so pregnant and still sick as all get out (week fifteen now people, you would think it would be easing up!) – We’ve also had a busy past month!

  • Gareth started second grade!
  • My little niece visited
  • We had my wonderful designer pal Lauren and her cutie pie son visiting for over two weeks
  • Lots of fun sight seeing, and little day trips
  • Getting things in a row around here, we found a crib, two beds for owen and reece, and a table that our whole family actually fits at!  things on that pesky to do list are finally getting crossed off.
  • Did I mention I’ve been SICK and tired and pregnant?!

In addition to all of that, life has been it’s regular old busy and all consuming self, but you know what, it has been good to me too I feel blessed and happy and so well taken care of…. sigh (sappy moment, sorry)… life is good.

So I know, these are all things that need posts of their own, so be patient with me, and I’ll post them over the next week (otherwise you will all be completely overwhelmed with pictures and my rambling – plus I’ve taken my anti-nausea pill that makes me drowsy and wobbly headed, so there is no guarantee that it would make sense any ways!)

Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you some more…. In the mean time, check out what lauren and I did while she was here:

I really just love this kit.  It is totally bright and cheery and great for LITTLE BOYS this time too!!

Then Lauren’s fab CT member Lisa Wells put together this CD album for us too!

You can see the Kit HERE at SSD and the CD album HERE.

Okay and that is all for me for now, I’ll be back with more tomorrow (really!) and then now that things are settling into routine again around here, I’m hoping I can do a better job of keeping things all up to date for you here.

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