Riddle Me This

Posted by on Nov 6, 2007 in Personal Blog, Uncategorized | 5 comments

Why is it that we are at home, and Owen and Reece are literally rolling around on the ground punching and screaming at eachother…. then we leave the house and no more than 2 mins later, we are at Mc Donalds and the boys are being angels, like perfect ideal sweet children.  And everyone else around us is envying me and my well behaved boys.

You think maybe I need to arrange it that we are never home ever???

BTW – I know the answer to this riddle, it is boredom, they want entertainment – and when we are home and they are bored they amuse themselves by torturing eachother…. maybe the real riddle is, how can I keep them busy and happy and reasonably amused while STILL finding a bit of time for getting things done….


  1. Hmmmm… ya know, I haven’t a clue… and my boys are grown (and some gone) and well, its just part of being a kid and a mom (who is pulling her hair out and searching for pennies to go to McDs and buy the kids some fries).

    Oh, speaking of FRIES – get to my blog and watch the fry video… its short, but makes ya think.~G

  2. :smile:My two lil rascals, oops, I mean angels are the same way. They can be soooo sweet together one moment, then bam!, they are fighting. What’s a Mom to do?? Anyway, I’m glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!! Missed you at the MC Halloween party, yes, we actually made it! Hope to see you soon Shawna!

  3. My kids fight all the time at home now too. Even with Corinne gone most of the day. Drives me so crazy. At least they are angels when they are out.

  4. I can sooooo relate! :smile:

  5. Awww… you know, that’s so my house too. The boys are pounding on each other at home, but take them out, and suddenly they are the bestest of friends. It’s totally a boy thing.

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