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Best. Feeling. Ever.

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Best. Feeling. Ever.

1270011.jpgTonight after the longest trip grocery shopping ever (well not ever really, I’m notoriously slow at shopping…), and then putting away more food than you can possibly imagine, and feeding the boys dinner – I was exhausted… but tonight is my last day running week two, and I really didn’t want to slack off and miss out on being ready for week three come monday.

So I (ate a few bites of pie… seriously) then I got my running clothes on and ran out the door, evening was nearing and I had to beat the sun. As soon as I started out I felt a bit of a sprinkle and almost turned back, but I was determined…

I think this was my favorite run yet – after running this run twice before, I felt totally capable running tonight, and you could just feel the rain threatening to fall – the air was so rich. Half way through my run the rain started falling on me, and at first I was thinking “oh man!” – but then I realized – duh – I LOVE THE RAIN… I love living in the northwest because I honestly LOVE the feeling of the rain, and often fantasize about just going out and playing in it…. SO I think my new favorite feeling ever is running in the rain – it was so incredibly refreshing, it didn’t rain too hard, but I kept wishing the sky would just open up and let it loose!

I am home now, feeling so incredibly refreshed, proud – and really ready to start week three! Next time it is a bit rainy I know better than to use that as an excuse not to get out there and run, maybe one of these days I’ll go out and run when it’s pouring and soak it all in!

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Sugar Free

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Sugar Free

This week I hosted the Sugar Free Challenge over at SSD. Every Wednesday in the Sweet Shoppe Forums we put up new challenges that people can play in and earn points that get them a coupon code to the store. The Sugar Free Challenge is my baby, I started it with Sugar Babe Mandy like a year ago and it is awesome to watch scrappers thing and get honest and play along with us.

The premise of the Sugar Free Challenge is to scrap those not so picture perfect things in our lives and to capture a piece of ourselves that we might normal keep hidden. Ever since I started scrapping I have loved making cathartic pages, there is something extra therapeutic about using my favorite art to work through struggles and emotions that are consuming me at any given time.

Anyways, so as time went on I got busier and we started sharing the challenge with all the staff members, so I haven’t hosted it in quite some time – but this week I finally signed up to host again. The timing ended up being perfect because my frustration with feeling like depression is always lurking just on the fringe of my sense of sanity was really on my mind these past few weeks. It was good for me to get it out there and to work through it.

Here’s my page:

You can see the journaling by clicking on it to zoom, or you can see the full journaling and the credits HERE.

All in all I think it really helped me to look at my struggle with depression, not as something that I have to completely beat and be all happy forever… but instead to realize that my victory is in the fact that I continue to fight, and that although it threatens me, it doesn’t have to consume me.

And you know if it does consume me… I know I can face that too.

I challenged everyone to “scrap their demons” because we all have things that we have to face regularly, battles that we fight again and again. And we all should give ourselves a bit of credit for fighting that fight, and making it through to an brand new day.

So far I haven’t had any takers brave enough to play along…. perhaps I’m the only scrapper masochistic enough to want to put these things out there for the world to see…. but I’m telling you I feel 100 times stronger after putting out there and scrapping it. So seriously if you are a scrapper, I challenge YOU to play along. You don’t really have to post it, or if you feel the need you can blur your journaling, but I’m telling you you will feel lighter when you are done!

If you do play, let me know, I’d LOVE to see your page!

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I have to say, YAY for memorial day weekend! It was so refreshing to have some extra family time, and because G has Fridays off, and Gareth was off school on Friday too, it feels like this was the weekend that just kept on giving!

Friday I was able to enjoy a playdate at a friend’s house, and then Saturday we all went over to another friend’s for literally a 6 HOUR rockband marathon for the guys, and I broght my lappy too so there was some scrapping time for me!

Sunday we had a great lunch out with my parents and my sister and her husband, and then we waved goodbye to everyone AND the three older kids, so that g and I could have some down time with just Tennyson (which pretty much felt like no kids at all in comparison to our usual crew)! We shopped, we went out to a nice dinner, we came home and watched a movie, and then then this morning we went out to coffee (like ACTUALLY OUT to coffee where we could sit and drink our Starbucks in peace!) and then we went to Ikea and had time to browse, and to make plans for updating a bit of the furniture in our livingroom!

Then tonight after g picked up the kids while I cleaned up the house, I got to go enjoy a cool dry evening and started week 2 of my Couch to 5K program and went running OUTSIDE, a real treat here in the northwest. (and MAN did this week’s run push me more than the first week)

All in all, it was soooo refreshing, I must confess I was starting to feel a bit droopy last week – no clue what triggered it, but the days were feeling long, and things were feeling a bit mundane. For me, it is just one of those things, there is always that threat that the blues will hit me again, and it was feeling a bit like depression was getting closer, threatening my sense of peace.

Memorial Day weekend could not have come at a better time, and I LOVED the change of pace. I feel ready now to face a new week and get some stuff done – hopefully designer Shawna can kick it up a notch and get a bunch of the things done that are on my plate. All the while hanging on to this long weekend high. :)

Now… it’s back to the grindstone people, have a good Tuesday everyone!

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Five boys…

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Five boys…

…on one couch.

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Getting Reacquainted with an Old Friend

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Getting Reacquainted with an Old Friend

treadmill.jpgLately I’ve been working at getting back into shape after having my fourth and final baby. I mean I know that I’m nursing and that it’s been less than three months and that eventually I’ll settle back into a reasonable size – but this time around, I’m not feeling satisfied with only that. I think the knowledge that I’ll never again get pregnant and that from here on out my body is MINE – that I feel like it is time to make it the body that I feel happy with!

4 weeks ago, I started weight watchers, a HUGE step for me, because I’ve never counted calories or put myself on a healthy eating type diet (and although I know that something like atkins can make me shrink down fast, I’m looking to change my lifestyle, eating, body, permanently). I’m doing it online (mostly because I’m really not looking to spend my few free nights out at meetings and weigh ins. So far I’m really proud of my progress (9 pounds baby!)

I’ve been working some pilates in a few times a week, and I told myself that after a bit I would start working myself back up to running again. I have gotten into running a few times over the past few years (actually – it looks like I posted about my new friend the treadmill on my blog almost 3 years ago) and everytime I LOVE it, it is absolutely empowering, and stress relieving and every time when I’m through with a run I feel like I am superwoman! Even just 15 or 20 mins makes me feel like I can move mountains, and I’ve secretly had this dream of running really running maybe even a little marathon or something. But because I’m me I tend to burn myself out, or push myself too hard and then get overly sore… or maybe I just get distracted (also a highly likely because I am myself).

Well now that it’s been four weeks of low key pilates and eating right, I knew it was time to start running again too.  But just like when I’m facing the question of weightloss, this time, I really want to do it RIGHT. I want to start running regularly, and in a way that I can train my body instead of just beat the crap out of it. I’ve been thinking about looking for a running for dummies book or something, and I’ve started asking the people that I know that run but mostly I just get “oh yeah I’ve always ran” or something like that. But then randomly last week I randomly ran across an awesome blog from a fellow mom (who I don’t know at all actually I happened to click on the right link), and she is doing something called “Couch to 5k.” I got very excited, because that is JUST what I was looking for. Imagine how thrilled I was too, when I googled it and found that the program was just available online at a site called “cool running” and that it was totally doable for me (running three times a week, and only 20 -30 mins, the amount of time I can actually work into my schedule!). The plan is 9 weeks long, and gradually works you up to being able to run 5k (about 3 miles) on a regular basis, and I can’t WAIT!

So I told g about my big plan, and being the amazing guy he is, he spent his Sunday cleaning out our garage so that we could get to our burried treadmill (our garage looks so great now too!). And tonight I put in my headphones and started day one of week one. The dusty treadmill didn’t seem too angry about being abandoned for so long, because it rolled right along, and running (and walking) felt GREAT tonight. I know I only ran in 60 second intervals…. which was almost hard to limit myself to, but by the end of the work out I could see why it was a good plan, because I really do feel great! And, you know, with my blood pumping, my heart beating and my muscles feeling so alive – I think, I may actually BE super woman. :)

Really though, It does feel great to know that I have a plan, and that I’m working toward my goals. My body is happy and healthier than it’s been in soooo long, and I already can’t wait till the next run!

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