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Best Beach Vacation EVER!

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Best Beach Vacation EVER!


Well I don’t have a ton of time, as we are still trying to find our groove after getting home, but I wanted to check in and let you all know that no I didn’t disappear from the face of the earth, but instead we just got back yesterday from the best beach vacation EVER!  (it was 5 fabulous nights in a beach front condo… plus one unexpected added (notsowonderful) day… but that is a long story). We all had an amazing time and it was a much deserved family vacation that I’m sure we’ll all cherish for a long time (and I have well over a thousand pictures as proof just incase we do forget – no kidding I really took that many pictures!)

G planned this special trip for my 28th birthday last Friday, and it was just divine.  Best birthday present ever waking up to an ocean view and the sound of the waves!  :)

Of course I have more to share, but it is time to get that dinner on the table and all that, so I’ll post more soon!

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My Five Months Old Already…

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My Five Months Old Already…


Yeah… we’re just as shocked as you are – Where has the time gone!!!!

Here’s a few pics of the little professor that we took today for at five months old exactly, and he’s just too cute not to show off a bit!

I love this one, very Tennyson, he’s doing his very favorite thing:


… eating his hand…

or his shirt…


or thinking about if he can eat those feet…


and ofcourse, those big giant blue eyes…. seriously this is just right off the camera, this kid is soooo shiny :)


Even though the time seems to be flying by, I’m not over exaggerating when I say – every day I look at my baby boy and just think how lucky we are to have him.  He is such a little gem, and we adore him. 

These past five months have been filled to the brim with baby love, not just by this doting mommy, but by 3 big adoring brothers and a daddy that can’t hide how much he loves this little guy.




Tennyson is one wonderful little guy, and pretty much perfect if you ask us!  Here’s to the months to come!

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There is something about seeing these two together….


They bicker and fight over EVERYTHING, they scream, they yell, sometimes they even hit…. and they make me completely insane…. But then out of the blue, they get together and they play and they smile and they giggle like this (they are both holding Owens blanket here and sucking their thumbs – apparently this is the funniest thing ever)… and that is when I remember, THIS is what its all about.

A sibling is an automatic best friend for life. I know from personal experience just how priceless that is! (I love you Liz!) Owen and Reece are only 16 months apart and it has been crazy at times to say the least, but you know what – you’re welcome guys… because I know we’ve given you the greatest gift we possibly can.

Here’s to siblings!

(I know I’ve been a bit quiet! Its been a busy past few weeks, but I should pop in with SOMETHING – and Owen and Reecey are total bff today, so i thought it’d be a good siblings post day :) I’ll be back later to show you all what I’ve been up to.)

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Happy “Force Of Jedi”!

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Happy “Force Of Jedi”!




It’s been a LONG day of celebrating over here! We hosted a BBQ for friends, and then played our part in the craziest display of fireworks I’ve ever seen! So I’m ready to crash big time!

But I didn’t want the day to end before my four boys in their matching All American t’s had the chance to say “Happy Force of Jedi” to you!

The other day I was telling the boys that they could wear their new shirts when the Fourth of July came, and Reece got all distraught because “mom the Force of Jedi will NEVER come, it is just in a movie! you know from the STARWARS movie!?” Well the brothers and I got a kick out of that, and even though I explained to him that it is the 4TH OF JULY – he still calls it the force of Jedi, and it’s sort of stuck, because the boys were all saying that when I took their pictures!

We TRIED to get one with them all smiling, or atleast all looking at the camera… but it is a lot to ask of FOUR wiggly little boys, especially considering Tennyson broke out in tears every time the brothers yelled “CHEESE” of “FORCE OF JEDI” or anything else – LOL poor little dude! In the end I’m loving them, true to life pictures – hahaha :)
So anyways, wishing you all a happy 4th from our family to yours! Hope you had a great day today!

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A Fun Little Taggy

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I saw this on my friend Casey’s blog, and although she didn’t tag me specifically (she did the “everyone is tagged” thing) I thought I’d play because June 3rd was the 8th anniversary month for G and I and I’m feeling all sentimental :)

How long have you been married? Married 8 years now.
Where did you meet? Grove City College in NE Pennsylvania.
How long did you date? Long story short, about 2 years.
How old is she? 30 (LOL ooooold man!)
Who eats more? Well now that I’m doing Weight Watchers he does, but before hand I think I held my own!
Who said “I love you” first? Me definitely, wayyyy too soon, but I’m all about saying I love you!
Who is taller? G by a full foot!
Who sings better? … umm how about who sings MORE? G, hands down.
Who is smarter? George is pretty much the smartest person I know.
Whose temper is worse? No doubt, mine is.
Who does the laundry? I do mostly, but since T has been born g helps out with this a TON, 6 people make a lot of dirty clothes!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, but we just switched when t was born because the right side was where the bassinet fits.
Who pays the bills? G does all the budgeting and financial stuff, but I mail the checks.
Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but lately it is more like what can we throw on the table and we both do that.
Who drives when you are together? Always G.
Who is more stubborn? Ummm, yikes, we are both sticklers about different things, but in the end I think I’m more of a pleaser, so he is more stubborn.
Who kissed whom first? Oh my gosh I have NO idea – probably g kissed me, because I’m sort of a loser when it comes to making moves.
Who is the first to admit to being wrong? I think probably I am… but I could be wrong ;)
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, G’s parent’s live on the other side of the country.
Who proposed? Long story short, G did.
What’s his best physical attribute? Everything I think to say sounds so cheesy! We’ll go with I love his hands.
Who has more friends? Me, g is very particular about his friends
What are you most proud of her for? He is the most amazing person I know, so it is hard to choose, but he is an incredible dad – I love that about him.
Who has more siblings? G has 3 siblings, I have 2.
Who wears the pants in the family? I’d say definitely g, although by “wears the pants” I mean “gives me everything I want” :)

See, isn’t that fun?

Who else wants to play???

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