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The ever so Sexy Life of a Stay at Home Mom

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The ever so Sexy Life of a Stay at Home Mom

I got the boots that I ordered for my Halloween costume this week! So I took a picture of them to celebrate my first pair of gogo boots:


Woooo!  Secretly I’ve been holding on to the dream of owning my very own pair of white gogo boots, and so, I’m probably more excited about these puppies than I should be! (Ummm… let it be known, I love them!!)

But when I loaded the pics on the computer the irony totally struck me, hot go go boots in the foreground… a littering of toys in the background… even a container of diaper wipes.  Am I going to be hot changing diapers in these or what!?

Just to warn everyone – I very well may be wearing these puppies next time you see me!  I feel ready to kick some serious butt in these (and look good doing it!).  You think I can get away with picking up the preschool carpool in these?

Just wait, these will be the perfect finish to my costume!  I’m so excited!

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Time keeps on slipping slipping…. (Truthful Tuesday)

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Time keeps on slipping slipping…. (Truthful Tuesday)

Ok so yes I realize I’ve been quiet up until the past few days… I was even planning on getting on here on last Tuesday and do a whole truthful thing…. but truthfully… I’ve been a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with stuff… and blogging keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of my list. 

It’s too bad too. The other day I was looking back at the years of blogging I have compiled here, and it means so much to me to be able to read back over special moments my family has had the past few years.  Time slips by so quickly and, I’m always surprised the things I’ve forgotten just in the past few years.  I can seriously get sucked in reading back and seeing things that seem like just yesterday and ages ago all at the same time.  Baby Reecey sitting on the counter with me in the kitchen while I cook.  Gareth and Owen sitting together and hugging and smiling which in their heads meant calling each other "twins"… and probably one of my favorite posts of all time, from way back when I was still blogging with blogger, "best day ever"… there are soooo many moments I am glad I have to look back on….why is it that just three years earlier, I look back and life seemed so simple.  I mean… I know realistically I’m idealizing it some, I was actually facing my first serious bout of depression, and i mean, it isn’t like I was blogging the bad memories or something… but still… why does it seem like those simple sweet mornings with pancakes are further and further apart now.

I KNOW that these are the moments that are still happening today… but the difference is, I feel like they are just slipping by… and I have to admit! it stresses me out!

Once upon a time, I had one less baby, I had no job, I had no children getting up for school, coming home with homework, no little preschool carpool to pick up.  Once upon a time, honestly, I was more lonely, and less fulfilled personally.  Really, I was sad… but I worry… is my personal life, my own little "career," my new found sense of self – is it all costing my family???

It’s a balancing act, a juggle for sure…. I’ve got all sorts of things in the air, I’m standing on a high wire…. over a… flaming pit… and hey, if I’m fantasizing here… I think I’m wearing a really hot circus costume too and impressing the hell out of everyone around me. :)

Just like everything else in this life… you have to accept sometimes the things you can’t change… I can’t stop time, I can’t have as much energy/patience/focus to chronicle it all like really wish I could…. I DON’T make pancakes as much as my little crew of clowns might wish I did.  I’m probably always going to be behind on the laundry, scrambling some to meet the next deadline…. but also…. I’m proud, I mean really proud, of who I am. I’m strong, strong enough to juggle and walk the wire do the dance that it takes to raise a family of six, strong enough to say no sometimes, strong enough to go out and run 3 miles at the end of a really crappy day… more than anything I am proud that, since that first bout of depression 3 years ago, I’ve been strong enough to face and fight my demons every day…. You know what else, I am feeling more myself than I have ever been before.  My kids – they are healthy, and happy and smart (that is for another post though), and most of all, they are really really loved…

But also, I think it is reasonable to ask myself, what little things I can do?   My life is filled to the brim with little moments I can cherish every single day, and when I feel like that might be lacking, I can make them happen.  I know how to make pancakes, play mario cart with the whole crew, or sit, just sit and hold my sleepy baby.  I can listen, every day to the amazing things my boys have to say to me.  I am the mommy here after all, those things are my job, and I’ll be damned before I let that job of mine fall by the wayside.  Beyond that it is just a matter of doing my best to remember it all, to write it down, takes pictures, and even scrap a page here and there – and most of all, to soak it in.  I won’t take for granted the fact that this life I have is a good one. 

And I really do know, although I don’t type it all out everyday, how much I am truly blessed.


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A Beautiful Day at the Pumpkin Patch…

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A Beautiful Day at the Pumpkin Patch…

So… I realized, in a panic yesterday, that this is our last weekend before Halloween to get out and take the boys to the pumpkin patch.  This is something I’ve really tried to do every year, and I love being able to look back at years past and see how much my kids have grown.  We went to this same farm 2 years ago, and had such a great time, I was really fun to take the kids back there again.

Plus, lately I have just been feeling the pressure, there is so much to do, and so little time, the kids are growing, and we get so busy.  I would hate for my own personal hectic schedule to cause them to miss out on the fun stuff that every kid should experience… So… anyway, after my panic we all got dressed and headed out (thanks g for humoring me!).

It was just this incredibly sunny and warm fall day, but there was a really nice breeze blowing that kept sweeping through the leaves and reminding us that it was indeed fall… It was absolutely beautiful. The boys had a really great time, and I confess, so did I :)

One of the highlights for them was playing in piles of hay (poor daddy is soooo allergic to hay but still didn’t complain a peep when the boys ran in their and covered themselves in hay dust, he just kept looking at them shaking his stuffy little head… I don’t think farm boy daddy sees the appeal in piles of hay!).


There is also a fun wooden maze at this pumpkin patch that the boys love.  So Owen and Gareth ran in ahead of us, and Reecey and I hung back… Reece is a bold child, but the unknown really scares that kid, so he of course had no interest in getting lost in a big wooden maze. Heres a picture of him navigating the maze:


While we were all playing in the maze, daddy stayed out with Tennyson and played in the pumpkins – he set up the perfect shot for shutterbug mommy when we finally made it out!


After all of the playing, it was time to go check out the pumpkins, so we got a wagon and went over to the pumpkin patch.  It was really fun to let the boys run around and pick the pumpkins that they wanted the most.  They must have changed their minds 800 times, and we had to limit Gareth in the size department, I think he was looking for the biggest one at the pumpkin patch. :)  In the end we ended up with 6, oh no actually 7 perfect pumpkins.

pumpkin-patch-230 pumpkin-patch-008 pumpkin-patch-228

Then while daddy went to go pay, the boys and I went looking for a wagon because I needed to recreate a picture from a few years ago when we were there before…. check this out!

Here are my four boys yesterday and then two years ago (only minus one little guy):

pumpkin-patch-244 pumpkinpatch06

Sigh… they get big so quick!

I just love this picture too – Gareth is “pushing them” I love how they are all playing their little parts :) even Tennyson’s face seems to be saying “good lord, where are we going!”


So… yeah, a nice family day at the pumpkin patch.  I’m so grateful we were able to sneak it in this weekend…. and grateful for so many great times together with my boys.  Since I, of course, took way too many pictures (imagine that!)  I set up a little slide show for you to check them all out :).  Enjoy!

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On the Move!

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On the Move!

Oh my gosh!  Big news in the Clingerman House!  Look what I woke up to this morning!


We’ve been watching the little guy get up on those hands and knees and rock back and forth all month, and it has been SOOOO close, but today – with the motivation of getting to daddy’s laptop, Tennyson finally took the plunge, and started crawling!  He’s quick too!  (when he doesn’t get his poor arms and leggies caught up in his little romper!).

The guys were all so excited, mommy was a bit misty eyed… it has happened, Tennyson is moving out of that little teeny tiny baby stage and into the world of being mobile…. and mommy is REALLY not ready!  Sigh…

Watch out world!  Tennyson is on the move! (this is the cutest video ever, seriously I promise! and you gotta love that he is so excited, crawling toward mommy)

(pst, I posted a bit last night too, so keep reading if you wanna see what I’ve been up to in designing world)

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New Products for October

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New Products for October

Well it is now Sweet Shoppe Saturday and I’m really proud to announce I have 2 new collaborations in the store today!  I’ve been hard at work this week, trying to get all into the swing of things around here.

First up, I have a fabulously cute Thanksgiving theme triple dip I did with Melissa Bennett and Libby Weifenbach.


Stuffed is full of fun elements, and cute themey papers and doodles.  Perfect for those upcoming thanksgiving photos!

Next up miss Lauren Grier and I paired up on a Scoop we’ve been talking about doing for weeks now – in celebration of Lauren’s new ride :)


I am sooo happy with how this turned out – la and I make such a great team designing together, and My Way or the Highway is just a perfect example of our styles just meshing so perfectly :)

And, while I’m at it, I should probably brag on the other products I managed to squeeze out this month.

I have another Triple Dip, this time with Lauren and Penny Springman.


Absolute Cherry Crush very well may be the coolest kit ever!  I love the hot pink and the gray and lime… and those darling cherries.  I love all the super cool pages I’ve been seeing in the galleries with this puppy!

Then I actually have another SOLO KIT, and this one, takes the cake I think as my cutest kit to date.  I just KNEW this is a kit I had to do, I have a special place in my heart for pink elephants lately – and I thought a little lovey pink elephant kit was something I had to do!


hehehe, isn’t that dear!?!  Pink Elephants and All That is just filled right up with sweet goodies, doodles, and lots of heart!  I keep finding pages with this kit and they all make me soooo happy….  I’m just so proud of how it came out!

So… although I feel like I’ve sort of been in la la land, I guess 4 new products in one month is really nothing to sneeze at!  And hold on to your hats because next month I already have several products in the planning stages.  So, hopefully I can keep it up!

Also… if any of these are tickling your fancy, now would be the perfect weekend to pick them up!  In addition to the save 20% off on new releases for Saturday only.  You can pick up any of these (or anything else that your heart might desire from ssd) and spend at least 10 dollars, and you can get a fabulous (and I mean like really really fabulous!) grab back chalked full with a goodie from each of our designers for only $4!  Trust me you don’t wanna miss it!!!

Well, now I’m going to take my tired self to bed, and you take your own self over to The Sweet Shoppe and make sure not to miss out on that awesome grab bag!

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