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Happy Mothers Day!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Will post more later, feeling a bit dizy for now, but I wanted to show you my pictures with my boys!

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Home Again, Home Again…

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Home Again, Home Again…

Well, I’m just getting home from the hospital and feeling a bit groggy and out of it still so forgive me if I make little to no sense.

But I wanted to come and give the update that I have so far.  Surgery went well and with out a hitch, pathology did a "frozen section"  while I was under and they said it looked negative for cancer.  We still are waiting for the final pathology results because the frozen section can be wrong, but my surgeon said it looks really hopeful.  So that is great news, I also still have half of my thyroid left so yay!

So we are home now, and I’m doing well, just tired right now and a little sore, but they sent me home with some good meds so I should be pretty well taken care of.

G convinced me to put up some pictures, and I’m far too groggy to think it through or put up a fight :) so here you have it, me with my new neck:


and, a close up:


so they used a dermabond "skin glue" so no stitches, and no bandages to change or anything, also I can shower and I don’t have to worry about it.  My only worry is freaking the kids out with my Frankenstein neck wound!  They’ll get over it… right??? :)

Ok, so that is all I can get out coherently here.  I just want to thank everyone again for all your love and prayers and support, just a few more days till we get the final good news.  I’ll definitely keep you posted.

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tick-tock tick-tock

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Well… after watching the calendar days count down over the past month, it is finally here.

In a little over 12 hours I’ll be in surgery…. I wish I could say I’m feeling stoic and confident, but honestly, anxiety is pretty high on the scale right now…

In the end though, it is good to be moving forward, one step closer to answers…

Everyone keeps asking for specifics, times/hospital stay etc, so I thought I’d list it out for everyone:

6:30 am Check In at the Hospital, for an 8:30 am surgery.  They say my surgery will be at least three hours, and I should be staying just one night so I’ll be home safe and sound (minus one thyroid) sometime on Thursday….

That’s all I have really, there are still unknowns, and also it could be a longer procedure/stay depending on what they find/how I do… so really for now, its just more of the good old "wait and see." BUT the good news is the waiting, at least this portion of the waiting, is almost over…

Just wanted to check in before the big day.  Keep us in your prayers tomorrow, will update as soon as I can (if you are anxious to hear you can watch my Facebook status, I’ll try to update there as soon as I can).

Thank you again everyone so much for all your love and support!

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The Girls…

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The Girls…

so… in addition to distracting myself with scrapping this weekend, G and I decided to expand our family!

No no no, not like that people!  Instead, we decided to get ourselves some new pets.  You see, g has been angling for a kittie for quite some time, but honestly I’m not really ready for that (not to mention the baby monster otherwise known as Tennyson).  A few times we have looked at hamsters/mice ect… but seriously I just never saw myself as a rodent owner… well not until I ran into these little cuties….


Meet our new little Gerbils :)

Seriously, I don’t know why I’ve never known how cute these little animals are… they are almost like teeny tiny little kangaroos with their big feet and tiny little hands!  Also, gerbils are totally sweet and domestic, they surprised us by coming right up to us as soon as we brought them home, and just after a few days, both of these little sweeties will climb right into my hand!

Penelope, is my little lady, she is so sweet, and super mellow and shy for a gerbil, she spends a lot of her time sitting and watching and hiding in her little house.  But also, she is always the first to climb into my hand cautiously, also, way way easier to take pictures of since she will actually sit still!


Evelyn belongs to g and she on the other hand never stops going.  I swear this morning she ran on her little wheel for about 2 hours non stop.  She’s funny too because she just goes and goes and goes, then she cat naps for about 30 seconds, and then goes right back to running around and exploring!  She is also definitely a bigger fan of the little running ball thing (what are those called??) and seriously because she is allllllways going, this is the best shot I could get of her!


She can really roll in that thing! Seriously I see some sort of Gerbil-Olympics in her future! LOL

Anyway, seriously, these are some cute little critters!  I am surprised I never knew how much fun and just how adorable these tiny little pets can be!  These pictures are cute, but I swear they don’t even do justice to my adorable little ladies! (Do I sound like a proud little gerbil parent or what!? hahaha)

Oh also, I posted one other thing today, so keep reading!

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NSD weekend scrapping!

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NSD weekend scrapping!

So this weekend, my anxiety started peaking quite a bit about my upcoming surgery and everything that it could mean… so my goal was pretty much just to keep my brain BUSY!

I have tried to scrap on and off several times this weekend, but every time I just end up giving up because I couldn’t get my heart into it! But since it was National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday (plus my whole brain needing to be occupied thing)… anyway, at first I was starting page after page, and totally unable to focus, so finally I broke down and scrapped what was really on my mind:


You can see the credits HERE. (Click on any image to see it larger)

I’m so glad I made myself buckle down and do it, because once I got it out of my system, I was able to finally scrap again!  It was so fun too!

Here are the other pages I made on Saturday:


You can see the credits HERE.


  You can see the credits HERE.

Then, it was just so addicting, that I had to scrap again on Sunday!  I’m especially proud of this page too:

Brighter Days Ahead

You can see the credits HERE.

Anyway, that’s all for now, but the countdown is on till Wednesday, so it did its job of keeping me busy, plus maybe I broke through my scrappers-block, and I’ll be able to get some more pages done soon!

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