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Saturday is Here!

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Saturday is Here!

YAY, I’m so excited to show you the full preview for the newest “Shauren” creation:



La and I had a lot of fun making That Electric Rat (hahaha, get it??) and I’m in love with lauren’s little “kawaii” creatures.  I know I have a zillion photos to scrap with this one, so I hope you all do too!


I, of course, picked a winner – and this time went ahead and picked comment number 40:  Laura!  (Laura commented, then she posted on facebook, AND tweeted!  So she worked for her prize I say!).  Congrats!! I’ll be emailing you shortly!


Ok!  Thats all I’ve got for now – I’m hoping to SCRAP today, so I should be back with lots of pages to share!!  Happy Saturday everyone – Don’t forget to go check out That Electric Rat in the store.  Remember too that today only new releases are 20% off so if you like it, today you can pick it up for only about $6!

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Friday Fix-a-rooni

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Friday Fix-a-rooni

Well its that time again!  And this week I have a super fun, and rather clever (if I might say so myself) collab with my amazing bff Lauren Grier:


The boys are really excited about this one, and I have more than a few pics to scrap about this crazy obsession!  If that’s not enough maybe my question of the day will serve as a further hit: Tell me about something your kids (or some little person somewhere) are totally obsessed with that you just don’t get…  Seriously sometimes I think my boys are speaking an entirely different language when they start naming characters, and the zillions of ridiculous facts they’ve memorized about them!! LOL!


As always, comments close when the store goes live, and one lucky comment will win a free copy of this week’s kit!  If you want more than 1 chance to win, just tweet, or blog, or share this post on facebook and come back here to leave a separate comment for each link :)


Good luck!

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Photos and Friends

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Photos and Friends

So yesterday my friend Casey came over with her kids because they wanted me to snap a few pictures of them together.  This is the second time now that I’ve taken pictures for someone, and I was SO nervous!!!  And although they came out far from the level of being professional, I think we did end up with some good ones for her to hang on her wall (which was our original goal).  Anyway, I just wanted to show off a few favorites:


Fun aren’t they??

Ok gotta run but I’ll be back a bit later with this week’s Friday Fix!

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It’s Official – Tennyson is TWO

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It’s Official – Tennyson is TWO

So, I’m having a bit of a hard time swallowing this whole “Tennyson is Two” thing.  It’s just sort of a surreal feeling because, well I’ve had a mom of a baby/trying to have a baby/pregnant for all of 10 years now.  And with T turning two, it is like officially the end of the whole “baby” chapter of my life. 


The thing is, I have totally mixed feelings, on one hand I’m READY to move forward on to the next stage of raising our family, but on the other hand I am going to have no babies…  I LOVE babies, like a lot, and also, it just sort of feels a little like part of my identity has to shift.  I’ve been “doing the baby thing” for so long now that that has been something that defined me for a decade… With 4 kids in 10 years, I’ve almost always been pregnant by the time my youngest was turning two (aside from when Reece turned two, but we were already talking about our fourth by then…).  So now that I’m not trying/or nursing/or holding a tiny tiny little guy, I’m going to have to alter that sense of identity… or maybe, you know, just sort evolve into the next stage of mommy-hood, because goodness knows I’m not done yet!  LOL, it’s a very good thing two year olds aren’t considered adults, I can only imagine what would happen to the universe if we had a bunch of wild two year olds running rampant!


So, yeah, no real point to the previous paragraph, just musing a bit.  I am sure that we are done growing our family (SURE with a capital V), and my sweet little tennyson is growing closer and closer to the person that he is going to be… its so amazing, and exciting to get watch it all, to be part of it all.  One of my favorite things about being a mom is just watching them change, start to finish, you get to be a part of it all.




Moving on now… For Tennyson’s birthday day, reecey and I decided to take him to the mall, Reece was sure he’d love it there, and I decided we would get him a new pair of shoes, because this little guy has a bit of a shoe thing going on… he is always obsessing over other people’s shoes, trying them on, and clomping around in shoes 4 times too big.  For some reason though, the kid will NOT keep his OWN shoes on when we go places… So my genius plan was to have HIM pick out some perfect shoes and then hopefully he would actually WANT to keep them on his feet…. we’ve only had one trial run, and luckly he actually did.


After shoe shopping and play-structure playing, Reece and I decided t wanted to build a bear.  So we took t in there, and tried to get him all excited about it… the truth is he was more confused than anything… but when we finished the bear he said “babies!” and gave it a snuggle.  I think his favorite part though was the great little cardboard box/house thing the put it in.  Tennyson seriously dragged that thing around the mall the rest of the time there (even up a huge set of stairs, no joke!).


Here are some (awful) cell phone pictures of him and his bear box:




Tennyson has been carrying his “babies” around the house and he makes me cover him up at bed time, its too cute!


That night daddy also brought home some cupcakes and a Mylar balloon, which I’m pretty sure was Tennyson’s highlight of the day, he loves balloons more than anything else!  We still have a party coming up this weekend with family, but I’ve always loved the actual birthdays of the boys, its fun to have an excuse to give them the royal treatment and  let them know just how special they are to me!

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No More 1

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No More 1

Just wanted to share this little page I threw together last night about my baby’s SECOND birthday-




I just can’t even believe it! 


More to come later…

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