Friday Fix-a-rooni

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Friday Fix-a-rooni

Well its that time again!  And this week I have a super fun, and rather clever (if I might say so myself) collab with my amazing bff Lauren Grier:


The boys are really excited about this one, and I have more than a few pics to scrap about this crazy obsession!  If that’s not enough maybe my question of the day will serve as a further hit: Tell me about something your kids (or some little person somewhere) are totally obsessed with that you just don’t get…  Seriously sometimes I think my boys are speaking an entirely different language when they start naming characters, and the zillions of ridiculous facts they’ve memorized about them!! LOL!


As always, comments close when the store goes live, and one lucky comment will win a free copy of this week’s kit!  If you want more than 1 chance to win, just tweet, or blog, or share this post on facebook and come back here to leave a separate comment for each link :)


Good luck!


  1. SO cute – my 7YO will love it.

  2. while i do not have any boys….my girl NEEDS this kit LOL

  3. OMG! This kit looks so cute!!!! I can’t wait to see the whole preview!!

    My son isn’t into those little characters yet, but my two little brothers (11 & 9) sure are! They collect the action figures and cards, they’re obsessed!!!

  4. um this is completely adorable!

  5. my son is obsessed with anything that has to do trains, tv shows, books movies all has to do with trains. thanks for the chance to win this amazing kit.

  6. Oooohhhh… so cute. My kiddo isn’t into this yet, but at this age, everything is a battle with him… yeah, awesome threes… NOT!

  7. My son has a growing interest in Bakugan. I have no idea why. I’m not even sure he knows what it is or how to play. At least I know it’s a game of some kind. I get almost everything else, just not that.

  8. Lately Rachel’s thing has been superheroes…she puts her apron on backwards and wears it as a cape.

  9. hey – very cute. Will isn’t into pokemon or anything like that yet but that kit is too cute and if I can’t be on your team (yet) at least I can play with stuff I win and buy :D :D :D

  10. I tweeted you too!

  11. We have a couple of blue plastic bowl and they are obsessed with them. Nearly to the point that they will not eat the food is not in the blue bowl!

  12. This kit looks SO adorable! I love it!

  13. My son loves Star Wars and used to love Pokemon and yu-gi-oh

  14. Oh my this is too adorable! I’m sure that is the next thing my boys will be into for sure! You guys rocked it!

  15. Priscilla sent me over- I follow her on Twitter! Very cute kit- I have a couple from the shop!

    sorry- here’s a tweety for ya!

  17. this is adorable!

  18. They definitely sound like they are speaking a whole different language, for sure. My DS has all sorts of obsessions along the lines of this kit!

  19. My 14 month old girl is obsessed with the remote control. Go figure.

  20. Oh my gosh…I have 3 boys…21, 16, and 14 … which one or the other have been involved with Pokemon gaming since the oldest was about 5 years old…which means they have SPOKEN POKEMON for the last 16 years and I still don’t understand them … this generation speaks a mystifying language! I even tried 16 years ago to try to learn to play the card game … but alas… this mommy brain could not hold all the facts in the brain to become a contender! lol

  21. I hope I have done this right …. I put a link on my facebook:

    I also don’t get their obsession with the online game “flyff”!! …all 3 of them play it!

  22. I don’t miss Pokemon…or YuGiOh…or Transformers…or any of the toys that come out of gumball machines either! My son is 14 now…and his room has been purged of all of that. I so miss the age and the excitement he had for them…but I surely don’t miss the cards and toys all over the house, in pants pockets, in couch cushions. I look through old photos and smile at the things that captivated his attention and imagination…

  23. Luke is just starting to get into Pokemon, so this is PERFECT. So far, neither one of us know much about the characters yet… but he is ALWAYS correcting me when I try to talk Star Wars with him. I give up.

  24. Oh, this one looks adorable! So much fun!

  25. I’ve blogged about your adorable kit!

  26. Ok … Now I’ve tweeted you!

  27. Well, I’m definitely buying it if I don’t win it!!! LOL!!!!/KathiStokes?ref=nf

  28. My 3 year old obsesses over much but the one that I just don’t get is rocks. everywhere we go, she has to collect a rock. we find them in the strangest places at home!

  29. LOL, FINALLY, someone does a Pokemon inspired kit! THANK YOU!!! So absolutely cute!

  30. My 4 yr old is obsessed with lego batman … he talks about it all the time!!!
    Can’t wait to see the full kit, the sneak peek looks awesome!

  31. Gosh, this one looks tooooo cute!!!! Can’t wait for the reveal!

  32. I tweeted @tborntreger

  33. I shared on my facebook!

  34. tweet tweet! i’m protected, but la has me added :D

  35. again- no clue how to link to this- i must be clueless ;) hehe.

  36. My guys are obsessed with being super heroes and ‘fighting’ each other… They stop. The stare. Then one of them shouts, ‘Let’s fight!’ and… they pretty much tickle each other until they get in trouble from one hurting the other :P

    Thanks for the chance to win :D

  37. my boy is totally into Ben10 and he collects matchbox cars!!Boys!!!
    thanx for the chance to win:)

  38. Thanks for the chance to win- gotta love a good boy kit!

  39. My son is 6 and obsessed with Star Wars – he describes in excrutiating detail his Star Wars drawings. And he’s never seen Star Wars.

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