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just peeking in here…

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just peeking in here…

…to give you your fix!


this week I may have coerced a certain designer to do another kit with me:




…I wonder who it could be…. ;)


I may have a few other doodads in there, just depending on how my day goes – but this is the one i’m sure of and the one you can get a chance to win!


So leave me a comment, and this week why don’t you give me one of the reasons it’s great to be alive (you’ll see, it works for this kit’s theme.)  (as always, if you link to this post somewhere, post again with another comment to give you an extra chance to win.)


Enjoy your Friday!

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the countdown…

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5 hours 24 minutes till I hit the big 3-0….


bring it on! :)

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Sweeeeeet Saturday

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Sweeeeeet Saturday

It’s Saturday and here I am actually posting my new releases! :)


This week I have a scoop with my dear friend lauren grier, and I am loving it!




As always we had a ton of fun making it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


I picked a winner for this scoopie doopie from yesterday’s comments and Allie you are our big winner!!!

Send me an email Allie to pick up your prize!


I also managed to get a solo kit finished up- this kit is all about those sugary sweets but not necessarily about sweetiepie girls!  Its not super easy to find a candy kit that isn’t girly (according to my ct member erin) – so thats where the inspiration for this kit came:


and just for fun, here’s the pictures she showed me as inspiration:



So, of course we have a winner for this one too – says that will go to comment number 8:

YAY! Congrats Deb!! Email me so I can get that kit to you asap, soooo glad you are excited about it!


Well there you have it!  If these little treats look tasty to you, click on the previews to see them in the shoppe – AND there’s still a few hours in the day to get 20% off these new releases!

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Friday Fix (believe it or not!)

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Friday Fix (believe it or not!)

Well this week I managed to get back into the swing of things… at least a little… So, I’m super excited to actually have a few things for you to peek at this week! :)


First up this week, I have that solo kit that I couldn’t manage to release last weekend – its a yummy one!



Also I teamed up again with my internet wifey to bring you another fabulous “shauren” creation! :)



I’m so excited to have these done and ready for release!  I can’t wait for you all to see them tomorrow!


In the meantime leave a comment for a chance to win one of these, and an additional comment for linking this post on fb/twitter/your blog.  I’ll be posting a winner tomorrow with my previews (i’m preeeeety sure I’ll actually get this done tomorrow for reals…we’ll see..).


Thats all I’ve got for you!  Happy Friday everyone!

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Playing Catch-up

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Playing Catch-up

So, this Friday a peek just didn’t happen, actually nothing whatsoever happened for me in digiscrap world.  It was a LOOOONG week, and I just could barely fit any work in edgewise, when it came to Friday afternoon it just appeared quite obvious that I wasn’t going to get something done for the store in time.  So, for the first weekend in almost a year, I just closed the laptop and took the week off.


It was nice not to stress, but also painful to not have anything up on Saturday morning, needless to say this upcoming week I WILL have a kit up, as a matter of fact I’ve actually already finished said kit, so I’m hoping that this will be just the push I need to be a bit ahead of the game so the rest of the summer doesn’t catch me off guard.


So, a two weeks ago Friday, I posted the peeks for a few new collaborations I was going to release.  Here are the full previews, and if you click you can see them up close in the Shoppe:


and I picked these two lucky winners:

2010-07-19_11-54 2010-07-19_11-55

Watch your email heathergw and Ana Carol!  I’ll be sending each of you an email to get you your prizes!


The next week (one week ago Friday) I posted a peek for a scoop I had coming out and a few little doodley thingies:


and here are our winners:

2010-07-19_11-45 IMG_0501_largea 20100719-siex-6kb

Congrats Jenn L (kit), Lita (words), and Amanda!


Fingers crossed that his week I’ll be back again for reals on friday with a little fix, but here’s a little mini-peek of what I have ready to go:



AND also, since I was a bit of a dud about posting these previews and maybe made you miss the 20% off sale, here’s a second chance to save and because I love you, it is for 25% off anything in my shoppe – but it’s good today and tomorrow only, so don’t dilly dally!


Well there you have it, I am considering it an act of God that I actually was able to finish this entire post, so before chaos strikes again, I’m gonna wrap this puppy up!  Enjoy your week everyone!

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