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Well, as I’m growing as a stapm designer I decided it was time for a few little changes…. Get ready for a HUGE post!

The first thing I did is move all my Stapm Downloads to the shop so that people downloading my stuff would see be there and check out my other designs. I also put the Arrows and the Polka flowers up for sale at a special low price of $1.50. So if you haven’t been to the shop to see my designs yet then head on over and pick up a few freebies and low priced stamps while you are at it!

I also have two REALLY exciting announcements that I’m just BURSTING at the seams to share….. so…. drum rolll…..

First: I decided to start a little Mini CT team for myself :) I have some REALLY awesome stapm lovers that have been supporting me from the get go and are totally incredible scrappers, so I decided to make it official and start a team so that my designs can get out and about :) SOOOO in addition to the fabulous ladies that create LO’s for NDISB I am THRILLED to announce my Five “Stapm Team” members.

Kristen Tilley

Tiffany Hix

Tracie Radke

Erin Black

Jen Caputo

You guys will LOVE seeing what these amazing gals do with my Stampies! I am beyond honored to have such a talented team :)

And…. as if that were enough announcements for one day…. I finally finished something very excited today! I want all of you to meet MY FIRST PAPER PACK!!!!

and here is a close up of the texture that I totally created on my own (yay me!)

And! As a celebration of my Launch into PAPER I want to give this little kit alway here at my blog for my readers. So for ONE DAY ONLY you can download “The Grass Is Always Greener” HERE. After that It will be up in the shop for a special introductory price of $1.50.

Keep watching for more paper goodies (and other stuff too I hope!)

Ahh, and one more little announcement My Newest Stapm set is up in the store, due to popular request I made some buggy stapms that I think are just SO much fun!

Each one of these bugs are saved as a colored stamp and a simple black stamp to give you as many options as you’d like :) you can go HERE to check them out!You’ll notice too, that I’m minus a few CT blinkies now :( I had to step down from Kimberly Giarusso’s team and I was forced into Stepping down from Dani’s team. I totally am going to MISS being part of the process with these increadible gals BUT you’d better BET i’ll still be playing with their INCREDIBLE goodies :) The extra time will be OH-SO good for me!Well! You think that is enough News for one day??? :) Thanks for stopping in! Looking forward to all the great things to come! NOW COMMENT like a good little downloader :)

Edited to add – THANK YOU everyone for the support!!!! I moved my the paper pack to the store HERE so if you missed it for free, don’t miss it while it’s on special of only $1.50!

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I’ve been having SO much fun – Look at what I can make!!!!

Thanks to a really cool friend, I now know how to make CRAYON doodles! Aren’t they fun! I am ready to go to town with these! Any requests??? :)

In the meantime DOWNLOAD this freebie to get a feel for some crayon goodies. Included are 6 full color crayon doodles. And I also included them as a brush set so you can recolor and use as you please!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, this is for you!

Don’t forget to comment, credit me when you use, and CHECK OUT my designs at for lots of other yummy brushes and “stapms”, and more crayon doodles to come!

If you like what you see spread the word!  As a tiny baby designer I can use as much pimping as I can get! ;)

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Arrow Fun

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Arrow Fun

*Edited to Add, I’ve decided to move these to the store where you can now get these for the special LOW price of $1.50, if you would like, there are some other stapms and freebies that you can get in the shop so go CHECK THEM OUT!*
So, I keep seeing layouts everywhere using arrows, and MAN i think it is such an adorable look… but I shopped and shopped and SHOPPED and everywhere looked there were cute arrow doodles, but NOTHING that was really what I wanted. I wanted fatter and I wanted bolder, i wanted funkier. SO after much searching it dawned on me, I am a doodler, why don’t I just make what I need. So then I go into PSE and open up the shapes tool to give me somewhere to start, and LOW AND BEHOLD there they are, the exact arrows that I’d seen that I’d been desperately seeking far and wide :) silly me.

The thing is, I was already pumped up for some arrow doodle action, so PSE and I played for a bit and I “funkified” my fatter, bolder, arrows in PSE. Thus was born my newest doodles: Arrow Fun.

I’m going to have a blast playing with these, and I’m sure they’d LOVE to be used by more than just me so download away!

I only ask the same as always, Please Comment, Please Use and Credit me. Two other things I’d love, is if you tell some more folks that might be looking for a little arrow fun, and that you let me know when you use ‘um :)

Mostly though, I just ask that you ENJOY :) Have a great thursday!

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You’re Here! You’ve GOT it!

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You’re Here!  You’ve GOT it!

Okay!!! You are here! YOU CAN HAVE UM! These are stamps I made ESPECIALLY for the big opening of my new BLOG! Download away, and leave a note to let me know what you think of my first HOME :)!

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